Sunday, June 30, 2013

Islamic Fashion Festival 2013 x Sunsilk

Assalamualaikum & happy Sunday to all,

Was invited by Sunsilk to Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) happened just recently at PWTC Kuala Lumpur. It was an Amaed Brunch where it showcased Jubah Souq, Mawaddah, Rossa, Zawara, Saraya Zahret, Oma, Qudyn Aziz, Yanz Creations, Pearl Haya, Yatiza, Annie Bakker & Najjah. With the theme, Treasures of the Sea, all the designs must be featured the life of the ocean and it was so amazing to see such beautiful creations resembled on every pieces. 

Special thanks to Sunsilk representative, who texted me a day before the show and gave me two tickets. Which of course, i wanted to bring mum (she was so busy with work & stuff), thanks to her she was willing to go and yes, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Dress from Mecca (a gift from grandma)

The inside of Tun Hussein Onn Hall for IFF 2013

The shows

with Sasha Saidin, she walked the runway of IFF

After the event, i went to Sunsilk booth for some make-over and did a mini photo shoot for Sunsilk Hijabi Model Search. If you girls wanted to do the same, or even better wanted to become the next fashion designer (who knows your design will be on the next IFF), you can logon to Sunsilk Facebook page {click here} and send your entries now before 31st of July 2013.

Good luck girls! See ya in the next post *hugs*

Friday, March 1, 2013

Project Life Crop Session at Papier The Curve

Hello again!

Gonna start with my mum's Project Life updates.

My mum has always been great with crafts and arts.
Currently, she's been doing a session happening at Papier, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara and she is one of the Designer Team selected by Papier itself.

If you love crafting, do join my mum and her team tomorrow (or to be exact every Saturday) for Project Life Crop Session at Papier, The Curve Mutiara Damansara at 11.00am ~ 12.30pm. For tomorrow's sharing will have lots of my photos, LOL. If you're free, you can join them and be part of the team. They can teach you everything you want to know about crafts and arts :)

You can also get their updates at below link and if you have any inquiries, you can always email the team for any feedbacks.

And also, at below link, you can view my mum's latest update and her invitations for tomorrow's session.

A lil sneak peek of the Poject Life spread

Be Creative, Be Happy
That's what my mum does and i'm proud of her <3

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music Theme Wedding

Hello there & Assalamualaikum,

Just a quick update

Went to high-school friend's wedding early June and we were all amazed with how creative and unique a wedding decorations could be. Both bride & groom chose 'Music' as their wedding theme and voila, turned out magnificent. Very rare ideas, the wedding looks pretty and wonderful.

Izzah & Qushairy wedding!!

with Ros & Shaira, best buddies since school years

with my colleague, Athirah, coincidentally she is also a friend of Izzah & Qushairy ^_^

Class of 2003

Finally getting married and i hope Izzah & Qushairy lives with a happy ending