Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chic Pop Street Market 6!

Hello dearies!!

How did you guys spent your weekend? As for me, errmm not much..just did some shopping as usual..

But I did having some fun over at ChicPop bazaar last Saturday, where i got to meet my friends way back from high school plus hanging out with my besties are never been better than this..

It was a real excitement to the experience, even though i'm not part of it, i'm just a regular kid that loves to spend her money unnecessarily, blahhh..but nevertheless, it was great though, with Farhana around makes me not think of work, which kind of bugging me these days..oh yeah, Farhana is my super BFF if you would like to know, we were classmates from Standard 2 of primary school in Kulim, Kedah. And here we are, best friends ever since..Love her so much, cannot be separated like a twin sister..

So here i got some photos to share with you and i really hope that i would go to places like this invite me if you happen to know the nearest bazaar or event after this okay! =)

 We were here!!!

 Farhana..loving her shoes ;)

 You can see ppl already holding on to OldBlossomBox paperbags, hihi

 Too many bags to choose from, but ended up buying none -__-
but i did bought a lovely black tutu-ed maxi dress, a belt, and necklaces

 So was Hana, too busy looking for clothes

With Lee of course, behind her was her booth from SisClosette
Oh thanx Lee for that beautiful pink-ish owl necklace <3

 With Kak Mami

With gorgeous Eyqa of SugarScarf...really nice in person

And I was wearing.........

Shawl - Borrowed from sister
Grey handbag - Pre-Loves shop from KL
Bracelets - Diva Accessories & Subang Parade
Purple leopard print maxi dress - Love It Store, Ikano

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I just got back from The Curve having dinner at Kenny Rogers. Didn't you guys know that 12th-Jan is Kenny's RED day?? RED stands for Roasters Eating Day.

Received an email about the ad earlier at the office, but i was so shocked and mad coz I didn't wear any reds today. Even my handbag was green, shoes was black, shawl was blue+purple-ish, and even my Paris Hilton's purse is in white color..damn, i thought i would pass the chance, but luckily today, my guy drove me to work and he fetched me today and i said i soooo wanted to have KR for dinner, which he also doesn't have anything red on him (texted him about it and he was like --> sorry xde baju merah and xde brg2 merah utk awak -___-), so finally he suggested me going back home first to get anything in red and there you go, i already thought about my Charles & Keith bag in mind..

What i wore to work, sometimes i luv to mixed colors on my outfit..

And so we went to KR..Changed my shawl obviously coz it is actually even better, yeah, pardon the mix'n'match..So got myself a black pepper gravy chicken with mac&cheese, coleslaw & rice for the side dishes, whereas, he got himself an original gravy chicken with also mac&cheese, baked beans & mashed potatoes for his side dishes..oohhh yummyy!!!! salivating already?? haha sure does...

Shawl - SugarScarf
Polka-dot dress - Cotton-On
Short cardigan - Cotton-On
Ribbon necklace - Melaka Mall
Red bag - Charles & Keith
Bracelet - Diva Accessories

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Blossom Box Relove Prelove Sale Part III

Yesterday, me and my friends went to visit this store for the first time ever. You guys must've known the famous blogger and fashionista, Jezmine Blossom. Yup, she's the owner of the boutique. Can check out this link for her shop

And they were having the Relove prelove sales basically featuring all this famous bloggers too. Including one of my friend Yanny, but she was out by the time we arrived at the can't take pictures with her :(

But i got the chance to meet my beloved sister+colleague+ex-roomate/housemate and to be proud of, she's famous and popular of the Diva i must say..fashionista Ami or i called her Kak Mami..currently, she's battling for cancer but she is soo strong she fight for it and so far, alhamdulillah, she's healthy and she never complaint about it..i always pray for her good health and better life..because that's the only thing i could do..and i am happy for her..

So talk about this sale, i invited my friends to come along with me..they are a true shopaholic..Bedah & Lee...we were late to be there at OBB but i managed to grab some beautiful preloved & new goodies and the best of all we get to take pictures with the famous check it out!!

Me & Kak Mami 

Lee, me, Jezmine & Kak Mami 

 Bedah, Lee & me

 And later, we went for a late lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop, i had as usual my favourites, TCRS BBQ chicken, ummm...

Then, we headed off to Ikano for some more shopping...nothing is better than this...we went up straight to the Love It store for some dresses and i got one for myself a nice purple-colored maxi dress (thanks to Lee Lee for seeing it first and show 'em to me, love u muax), and i grab one leopard print leggings which i never knew when i'm gonna wear it..durhh

And after wards, we went to Curve to hit the Street Market for another shopping and guess what, i can't believe me & Lee Lee bought this Devil casings silicone for our smart phones, in which, we didn't like it in the first place..But Bedah were so persuasive for us to get the same casings because she said it is sooooo cute and adorable, so we ended up buying in different colors..

Devil casings: from left Lee Lee's, Bedah's & mine

from the back

Terrified?? No?? yeah, kinda cool tho..never thought of that huh!?
So finally, we get hungry and went to Garden for dinner.

Bedah & Lee

Me & Bedah

 They were having garden sandwiches

Fried calamari for me :)

Felt so happy with the shopping and stuff..gonna meet this gals again for our next shopping-day-out..

Oh yeah by the way, Lee is going to join The Chic Pop Street Market happening on 22nd-Jan, organized by Tongue in Chic team..i will be there...see ya!!!

New Year 2011

Hello everyone!!! This is Iylia, but you can call me Chica as well. Today is already 9th-Jan-2011, so I guess it's not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year 2011!!!!

It's that time of year again, ppl have their own resolutions to achieve. As for me, every year i set up a whole new targets, but of course, I did not accomplished all, as the usual..hurrmmm...but I take it as fate and destiny and that i will not complaining, but gotta be patient and keep on praying as long as I didn't stray over know what I'm saying choosing the rite path with the rite way, your life is blessed and full of the happiness that you always wanted..

Few of my fashion New Year's Resolutions:

So, I started my new year very simple and lite..I didn't go to any concerts or any places to celebrate new year and for the countdown..I just sit back at home, watched TV with my family, coz you know the hussle bussle of KL makes me wanna screaammm....but that's the fact..

Well, every people have their own things of having basically, just be yourself and do whatever that you wanna do..

And last but not least, Happy New Year and may God leads us all to a better future!!!