Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chic Pop Street Market 6!

Hello dearies!!

How did you guys spent your weekend? As for me, errmm not much..just did some shopping as usual..

But I did having some fun over at ChicPop bazaar last Saturday, where i got to meet my friends way back from high school plus hanging out with my besties are never been better than this..

It was a real excitement to the experience, even though i'm not part of it, i'm just a regular kid that loves to spend her money unnecessarily, blahhh..but nevertheless, it was great though, with Farhana around makes me not think of work, which kind of bugging me these days..oh yeah, Farhana is my super BFF if you would like to know, we were classmates from Standard 2 of primary school in Kulim, Kedah. And here we are, best friends ever since..Love her so much, cannot be separated like a twin sister..

So here i got some photos to share with you and i really hope that i would go to places like this invite me if you happen to know the nearest bazaar or event after this okay! =)

 We were here!!!

 Farhana..loving her shoes ;)

 You can see ppl already holding on to OldBlossomBox paperbags, hihi

 Too many bags to choose from, but ended up buying none -__-
but i did bought a lovely black tutu-ed maxi dress, a belt, and necklaces

 So was Hana, too busy looking for clothes

With Lee of course, behind her was her booth from SisClosette
Oh thanx Lee for that beautiful pink-ish owl necklace <3

 With Kak Mami

With gorgeous Eyqa of SugarScarf...really nice in person

And I was wearing.........

Shawl - Borrowed from sister
Grey handbag - Pre-Loves shop from KL
Bracelets - Diva Accessories & Subang Parade
Purple leopard print maxi dress - Love It Store, Ikano


  1. suka love it store! murah gila kan kedai tu :D

  2. haah betol tuh..murah giler terase nak borong sumer..muahahaha