Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I just got back from The Curve having dinner at Kenny Rogers. Didn't you guys know that 12th-Jan is Kenny's RED day?? RED stands for Roasters Eating Day.

Received an email about the ad earlier at the office, but i was so shocked and mad coz I didn't wear any reds today. Even my handbag was green, shoes was black, shawl was blue+purple-ish, and even my Paris Hilton's purse is in white color..damn, i thought i would pass the chance, but luckily today, my guy drove me to work and he fetched me today and i said i soooo wanted to have KR for dinner, which he also doesn't have anything red on him (texted him about it and he was like --> sorry xde baju merah and xde brg2 merah utk awak -___-), so finally he suggested me going back home first to get anything in red and there you go, i already thought about my Charles & Keith bag in mind..

What i wore to work, sometimes i luv to mixed colors on my outfit..

And so we went to KR..Changed my shawl obviously coz it is actually even better, yeah, pardon the mix'n'match..So got myself a black pepper gravy chicken with mac&cheese, coleslaw & rice for the side dishes, whereas, he got himself an original gravy chicken with also mac&cheese, baked beans & mashed potatoes for his side dishes..oohhh yummyy!!!! salivating already?? haha sure does...

Shawl - SugarScarf
Polka-dot dress - Cotton-On
Short cardigan - Cotton-On
Ribbon necklace - Melaka Mall
Red bag - Charles & Keith
Bracelet - Diva Accessories

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