Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music Theme Wedding

Hello there & Assalamualaikum,

Just a quick update

Went to high-school friend's wedding early June and we were all amazed with how creative and unique a wedding decorations could be. Both bride & groom chose 'Music' as their wedding theme and voila, turned out magnificent. Very rare ideas, the wedding looks pretty and wonderful.

Izzah & Qushairy wedding!!

with Ros & Shaira, best buddies since school years

with my colleague, Athirah, coincidentally she is also a friend of Izzah & Qushairy ^_^

Class of 2003

Finally getting married and i hope Izzah & Qushairy lives with a happy ending


Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New Froyo In Town: Snogurt

Hello and Assalamualaikum,

It's already midnite so i'll just gonna update about some of the things that was going on for the past weeks.

Me and my mum went to Snogurt's grand launching in Putrajaya last two weeks. The location is just in front of MyDin in Precint 15 Diplomatic Putrajaya. My mum was actually been invited by her friend, Aunty Jae & Uncle Azli, the owner of Putrajaya's Snogurt branch. 

As i mention in the title of this entry, Snogurt is a brand new healthy froyo with it's own taste and flavors. More cheaper and lighter than any other froyo brands, it comes with lots of fruity low-fat yogurts and you can choose a lot of toppings of your own desires, from chocolate sprinkles, cereals, nuts, almonds, and even fresh fruits to top it off. 

Me, personally, always love chocolate and vanilla for my yogurt, and i never missed sea coconuts, M&M, marshmallows & chocolate sauce. 

And also as you know, Raja Farah is one of Snogurt's owner which is located in MetroPoint Kajang. She was at the grand launching and there was a meet up session with the celebrity. What attracted me so much is that, the whole thing was so cute with the pink backgrounds and all. We even got 30% discount during the launch. We had a really great time there and i'm sure it will be the next best hang-out place in the neighborhood =)

with Raja Farah

far left is Aunty Jae, owner of Putrajaya's Snogurt
(yes, i screenshot this photo from Instagram and so lazy to crop pfftt)

Go check out Snogurt's outlet nearest you now and you can also check out their website or 
follow their updates in Facebook & Twitter:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya's Wedding


It's been a long time and i almost forgot about blogging. Kinda busy lately with stuffs and was not too clingy with laptop. So today, i would like to share some photos from recent wedding that i've attended to. Their solemnization was on 4th of May and their reception was on 6th of May at PICC. 

Yes, we were invited to SchaWal's wedding or to be exact Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya's wedding. I am basically Awal Ashaari's niece, he is my dad's cousin. We have a really big family and i can assure you Awal doesn't even know my full name haha! Well, never mind though, we are still related somehow and we welcomes Scha Alyahya in the family with open hearts <3

Below photos i took with my own camera phone and apologized with the not-so-good quality pictures, plus the bad lighting inside the reception hall. 

Registration Area

The Pelamin

From our table


Families and cousins

Artist performances during the wedding

Ended the night with this yummy desserts :)

Too bad we didn't got the chance to meet and took pictures with the bride & groom. It was already late at night and my family had to go to work the next day and kids need to go to school, so have to sleep early. Yep, we left the wedding quite early from anybody else. For me, it's okay. As long as the wedding events all went well and i hope both Awal + Scha live their life happily ever after insya-Allah

Saturday, April 7, 2012

At Makan Kitchen, Double Tree Hilton KL

Hello & Asssalamualaikum everyone!

This is an overdue post i think from last month (before we went to Sabah), been waiting for others photos to upload by my cousin but sadly until now she forgets. Never mind though i still have a few in my phone.

We were invited to have a buffet dinner at Makan Kitchen located in Double Tree, Hilton KL by Uncle Rahman (which is a family friend) together with his family. 

What really exciting about the place is that all the food has been separated by type of cuisines. Indian food located at one place, we could choose either briyani, lamb, roti naan, all in one side of location. Malay food at the opposite area, with white rice, and all Malay's cooking in one place, same goes with Chinese food, Western's, salads, drinks and desserts all in different places. I could say it was really well oriented and organized.

Me with lil Asyiqin

what i wore | Printed scarf by my mum and i wore just a plain jeans with Mango turtle neck tops

Mouth watering and cute desserts. I took all variety of them just to have a taste :)

Wanna have a dinner here, too? Check out their website:
Makan Kitchen is certified Halal by JAKIM

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unexpected Holidays to Sabah

Assalamualaikum and good morning dearies!

Last week, unexpectedly i had a call from my aunt saying she wants to tag me along for a weekend trip to Sabah. Apparently, she had to see a client there and decided to bring us just to have fun despite accompanying her at the hotel. It was only a 3D2N stay and i must say we enjoyed every moment once we were there.

Arrived in Kota Kinabalu airport evening time, so we rested in our room before we had our massive seafood dinner at night. Had king lobsters, lemon chicken, buttered prawn, fish, vegetables and fried rice. We slept quite early as we were so full and so ready for the next day trip.

Woke up around 9.30am and got ready for our fun day at the beach. Jesselton point was just 5 minutes away from our hotel. We took a boat ride to the island. First stop Manukan Island and then stopped by at Sapi Island for about two hours before heading back to Hyatt Regency, our hotel stay.

Manukan Island!

What i wore to the beach:
Long dress - Lippy Lito
Sunglass - Charles & Keith
Cardigan - Lalin Closet
Bag - Longchamp inpsired

Sapi Island


On the third day, we went to Philippine's Market to buy some prawns to bring back home. And also some souvenirs for friends. We also went to do some shopping at Suria Sabah mall, it's kinda like Pavilion KL but smaller version. Saw this nice printed tribal scarves inside the mall but i don't know why i didn't buy any of it. Costs around RM20~RM30 per scarves. Maybe coz i've been thinking wanna have a second visit. LOL

For those who wanna go for a Sabah trip, go to Kota Kinabalu for a nearest visit to Manukan, Sapi & Mamutik Island. The boat ride for all the islands are not more than RM50 per person. And get your snorkelling attire's ready as you will be hopping from one island to another by boat. As for me, once we arrived there, there were so many ppl on the beach, snorkelling and went to canoe ride, so yeah, i was so lazy to change my dress, whereby i already wore my leggings inside, so i just chilling on the beach. It was okay though, at least i wasn't sunburnt. As i said earlier, i wanna have a second visit, probably on our next trip, i will definitely dive-in, and i'm gonna dropped by Mount Kinabalu (the journey was about 4~6 hours drive, not worth the 3 days trip and also we didn't wanna be late to catch our flight) 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Love - Oscar De La Renta


Read in a magazine the other day and i saw this fantastic yellow dress with black lace on top designed by Oscar De La Renta. And i remembered i had saw this in tumblr few months back and re-blogged it.

So here i just wanna share some of the collections that i really love and adore so much. Definitely a new inspirations for myself :) 

Spring Collections 2012

Spring Bridal Collections 2012