Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weekend's Getaway: PD Ilham Resort

Last weekend, me and the whole family went to Port Dickson for a short getaway. Stayed 1 night at PNB Ilham Resort, near Tanjung Tuan Light House. It's a 4-star resort and i must say, we really enjoyed it. The room was so spacious, we took a 3-bedroom apartment, and the living hall as you can see just feels like home. Oh and the best part is, they had a FREE WI-FI! And the network coverage was just terrific you have nothing to worry about.

At night, we booked our own 'pondok' for barbeque. The hotel just prepared us some foods such as fried rice, drinks and desserts, and we cooked the bbq ourselves. It was fun though to have a family bonding time like this. And the bbq place was just in front of the beach-side. Could hear the sea breeze while cooking and have our bbq dinner. How cool would that be? =)

Need getaway like this more often ^_^

Grandma's 79th Birthday at Saufiville Resort

On last 13th-Dec, my beloved grandma celebrated her sweet 79th birthday and we had the special dinner at a bungalow with the most scenic view in Janda Baik, the Saufiville's Resort. We were there about 8pm and the food was already well prepared when we arrived. Chicken barbecue, prawn, sausages, honey-buttered lamb, fried rice, salads and fruits, the food was so tempting, plus with the whole family's around and the place, just remarkable.

*pictures courtesy of cousins*

"Semoga nenek dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, diberi kesihatan yang baik, dilindungi, diampuni, diberkati hidup, senang sejahtera dunia akhirat..Amin..insya-Allah"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singapore Has Been Great #2

Assalamualaikum..Happy Wednesday all..

Wanna update about my trip to Singapore last October. This time, we went to Bugis Street, Paragon, and last stop we visited our relatives, which is actually my mum's uncle and cousin, who is currently staying in an apartment in Woodlands.

Remember i told you that it was cheaper if we go there by bus from JB? Yes, indeed! I think it was only RM5 per person if we wanna go to Bugis Street from JB Sentral. And the bus ride wasn't so bad. Not many ppl and you can always get a seat.

When we arrived, we had to take a walk and crossed the road to get to Bugis Street. It's like a Malaysian Petaling Street, you know. Full of crowds, many vendors selling clothes, shoes, crafty things and also food. We didn't buy much though as we need to stay 'light' until night time. We don't want to hold on to too many shopping bags, plus the prices there are quite expensive.

After that, we took an SMRT (Singapore's subway) to go to Orchard and headed to Paragon Mall to find some goods and chocolates. We even bought macarons, so sweet, yummeh! And we just hanged around outside near the streets just to see the view of Singapore ppl =)

Finally, at night, we decided to shop a few things and before going back we dropped by our Tok's house in Woodlands, it was so easy to find. Just took an MRT ride, and we already reached their place. When i see him, i can't imagine how i missed my late Tok Wan so much. He is Tok Wan's brother and staying with his daughter in Singapore. Mum said we might visit them again ^_^

Til we meet again dearest Tok =)

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mari Berpuasa pada 10 Muharram

Dalam hadith riwayat Muslim, Nabi berpuasa 

pada 10 Muharram kerana pd hari tersebut 

diselamatkan Nabi Musa a.s drp lemas dan 

juga dr buruan Firaun. Baginda bersabda, '

Berpuasa pd 10 Muharram akan 

menghapuskan dosa setahun sebelumnya" - 

Riwayat Muslim. Org Yahudi juga berpuasa 

pd 10 Muharram, maka utk membezakan 

puasa dgn org Yahudi, disunatkan umat Islam 

berpuasa pd 9 & 10 Muharram ATAU 10 & 11 

Muharram..from a blogger source and from 

my mum 

source: blogger