Saturday, February 25, 2012

i HEART this

Was at Yasalma design the other day and captured myself with my new Amellia Ombre Skirt from in blossom...major love <3

Super comfy with a great lining details and i am satisfied with the two matched tone colors as it is so me! Plus the material is super easy to wash and iron, and no need to worries for it being crumpled while you're in the car or sitting down.

What i wore: Maysaa snood | Skirt from | Cotton-On cardigan

And few days ago, i just received such a cool Starbucks tumbler from my man who was just came back from Fukuoka visiting his family. He also bought me some cute kimono dolls keychains and an umbrella which you can only find in Japan!! It's in hot pink, he just knew me too well <3 <3

This is my second Starbucks tumbler from my colleague who went to Manaus for company biz-trip (which actually i'm the one who should go but in terms of safety due to i'm a lady, boss forbids me to go *sigh*)

Okay whatever, and of course a fridge magnet or keychain is a must as souvenirs when you go overseas, rite? hehe..Got a parrot magnet and a cute camel's magnet from his transits in Dubai, too! I love the color of the bright and so Brasil i think

Friday, February 24, 2012

Featured in InTrend March 2012

Assalamualaikum dearies...

First of all, i would like to thank InTrend magazine for featuring my blog in their March 2012 issue. How speechless i can be as i didn't really expect this coming and i figured, how did they selected me to be one of 65 others 'Blog Pilihan InTrend'. Really2 thankful and felt so honored. Thank you so much again, InTrend! 

Knew about this from my friend, Razinah, on Facebook. As usual i will check all my notifications over the phone in the morning before i went to work and i was like whaattt?? 

She shared me this link right here --> and thanks to sis Kikin for her blog entry about all featured bloggers. Thank you!!

Go get yourself a copy of InTrend magazine March issue now lovelies! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Weekend to Splurge

I always had a great time when we spent the day with mum. She never failed to treat us like her little girls. On this holidays, mum decided not to go to any getaways, but to just hang around in KL, go to shopping malls, have great lunches and desserts and just shop shop shop =)

Turban from Sugarscarf
Cat-eye: Liquid eyeliner from Sephora

Went to Scrap n Crop shop for mum's scrapbook and artwork projects :)

Mum 'belanja' me this. Tropical Kate Spade iphone premium hardshell case. But it had already cracked a bit at the bottom. Silly me, always clumsy around things and i just smashed down my phone to the floor this morning. What a gloomy day to start of. Really hurt my feelings but no am not gonna cry :'(

And this is what i had yesterday. A must buy if you go to KLCC. 
Macarons & meringue from Harrods and Cheesecorn & Caramel Crisp from Garrett

*P/S: Want some Zara tops? Do drop by for updated pre-loved items 


Have a great Monday everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Saufiville, Garrett & Harrods =)

Celebrated cousin's birthday for a THIRD freaking time! 

Love ze family <3