Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 High-shool friend's wedding in one day!

Salam everyone!

Last weekend on 25th-June, went to my high-school friend's wedding in Shah Alam. And actually, i attended three weddings in total, lol. Two weddings located in Shah Alam & one in Subang, so the locations were not as far and thankfully i could made it to all three.

For the first wedding, it was Fayaz & Hazwani's. Congratulations Yai & wifey =)

Went there with the girls as usual

And second wedding, actually it was on the same timing as Fayaz's, but i tried to catch up because i was hoping it was not too late for me to meet the bride & bridegroom. Alhamdulillah, managed to see my dearest bff from high-school (who was also my classmate in Form 4 & Form 5), Wan Syazlin, happily married to husband, Adam Rusli.

Congratulations Wan & hubby <3

And the last wedding of the day, Syaira & Ali's wedding receptions in Grand Ballroom, Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang. It was a fairy-tale wedding i tell ya, and she walked down the hall with beloved husband like a princess!! So envy but yet so happy for her!! And thanks to her, most of us (her high-school girlfriends) were invited to her big events. And the food was nice too, hehe..

Congratulations Syaira & Ali <3 <3

Her uncle played a saxophone while they walked down the hall

A group came in bringing the food for pengantin with 'Asmaradana' music on the background
We all really love this part and it was somehow magical to us

The food was delicious!

This creme brulee is the best!

The gift

The cake

SSAAS friends!!

Me, Faridah & Lee Lee

Both my Form 3 classmates, Hanie & Izzah :)

These two photos below i stole from Hanie's facebook album.. :P

from left: Zaireen | Nabila | Shera | Elena | Farah | Izzah | Azureen | Nisa | Justmint | Hanie (below left) | bridegroom Syaira | Faridah | Intan Shaza | Putri Ramlan (below right) | Phara Liyana | Lee Lee | Me | Sakinah | Ainil | Sofia | Intan Syafinaz

Most of my friends are married now!! Happy for them all!!

*wipe teary eyes*

Sunday, June 19, 2011

POTC Date Nite in Military Colorette

Hello and Salam all!!

It's the busiest week for me at work and it is started to get even busier than ever for more weeks to come as i have new tasks to complete til the end of year, hope for the success insya-Allah..

And i made my time for a movie and dinner to ease off from work and i think Pirates of the Caribbean movies really made me laugh my heart out lol!! 

As for the looks, I should be donning this outfit for Hijabi Fashion Week instead, rite? I missed those week, though, but hey, it was great-fully done and i think everyone is super enjoyed over the weekends.

What i was wearing:

Maxi dress in army green | The October
Polka-dot jacket | MANGO
Bracelet | Subang Parade
Shoes | Vincci
Bag | Stellar

image source: army fashion 2011

 image source: ministry of fashion

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bloggers Fashion Rehab Bazaar + Maysaa

Hello & salam everyone!!

I know it's very late for me to update this post about an event almost a week ago, but never mind..sharing is caring, rite? i always wanted to share something which i found it really interesting where i got to meet some cool new & old faces of fashionistas, bloggers and fashion designers. Well, it's not that i've got a special invites to a private function anyways, when it's public, then there's me, heh! but somehow rather, i felt really happy and joyful as i thought that i should be doing this long time, so i could be able to cherish more on fashions and make the learning curve be more inspiring with others.

Okay, where shall i start? Maysaa? Stellar? Pastelina? Sputniksweetheart? LOL, see!!! That's why i called it FUN! Lots of great big names were on the same roof having this amazingly combined bazaar. I was so grateful i read about this on Shea's blog the other day. And i saw the facebook events from Sis Ami Schaheera fb wall post, which immediately i clicked 'Attending' and i shared and invites some of my friends, too. Like us, it's not easy to meet Hana Tajima in person. Only during an event that we could meet her, so can't we just spend our tiny little time to be there, or only for a few seconds, just to be there, watched her, talked to her face-to-face, and snap some pictures with her. hihi..allrite, i'm babbling already. Just to show you what a great fashion icon she is to me :)

Here are the photos of the bazaar..

Bloggers Fashion Rehab Bazaar
5th-June, 12.00pm ~ 7.00pm
Was held at Stellar's Studio, 10th floor SoHo, Empire, Subang

The crowds and the atmosphere of Stellar ~

from left: Diana Azmi, Naz, Sis Ami Schaheera, me

Sputniksweetheart's Schanaz Scarf

with Yanny & Sis Ami

with Shea & again Yanny, both from Pastelina

with headband's designer, Diana Azmi

one of Melodi reporter was there, too!

And, last but not least, Hana Tajima of MAYSAA

She was busy designing the Maysaa's very own plain long sleeve white-tees with MAYSAA printing on it

with who else, pretty Hana Tajima..Love love xoxo

And after Stellar, i went to meet my gurls at Subang Parade as one of them was having a bazaar too,
which is 'I Love Bazaar' on weekends

with Lee of Sis Closette

with Faridah

What i was wearing:

Almond tops | Lalin Closet
Skirt | Love It, Ikano
White vintage clutch | Pre-love boutique in KL
Shoes | Nine West

I got this for Lee as her birthday presents from Forever 21 and i was glad that she liked it ^_^
Owh and i gave her La Senza's Body Kiss's lollipop
*picture from Lee's tagged fb photos*
Til then for now