Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 High-shool friend's wedding in one day!

Salam everyone!

Last weekend on 25th-June, went to my high-school friend's wedding in Shah Alam. And actually, i attended three weddings in total, lol. Two weddings located in Shah Alam & one in Subang, so the locations were not as far and thankfully i could made it to all three.

For the first wedding, it was Fayaz & Hazwani's. Congratulations Yai & wifey =)

Went there with the girls as usual

And second wedding, actually it was on the same timing as Fayaz's, but i tried to catch up because i was hoping it was not too late for me to meet the bride & bridegroom. Alhamdulillah, managed to see my dearest bff from high-school (who was also my classmate in Form 4 & Form 5), Wan Syazlin, happily married to husband, Adam Rusli.

Congratulations Wan & hubby <3

And the last wedding of the day, Syaira & Ali's wedding receptions in Grand Ballroom, Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang. It was a fairy-tale wedding i tell ya, and she walked down the hall with beloved husband like a princess!! So envy but yet so happy for her!! And thanks to her, most of us (her high-school girlfriends) were invited to her big events. And the food was nice too, hehe..

Congratulations Syaira & Ali <3 <3

Her uncle played a saxophone while they walked down the hall

A group came in bringing the food for pengantin with 'Asmaradana' music on the background
We all really love this part and it was somehow magical to us

The food was delicious!

This creme brulee is the best!

The gift

The cake

SSAAS friends!!

Me, Faridah & Lee Lee

Both my Form 3 classmates, Hanie & Izzah :)

These two photos below i stole from Hanie's facebook album.. :P

from left: Zaireen | Nabila | Shera | Elena | Farah | Izzah | Azureen | Nisa | Justmint | Hanie (below left) | bridegroom Syaira | Faridah | Intan Shaza | Putri Ramlan (below right) | Phara Liyana | Lee Lee | Me | Sakinah | Ainil | Sofia | Intan Syafinaz

Most of my friends are married now!! Happy for them all!!

*wipe teary eyes*

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