Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Place to have Seafood!

South Sea Restaurants, in front of Subang's airport landing/take-off

You guys should try this. It is located in Subang airport area just in front of the airplane's landing/take-off. The food was really nice, especially when you have it with your family and friends :) And the prices are quite reasonable, too!

A lot of fresh and ALIVE seafoods to choose from!

Longans for the whole family :)
*okay, i've no idea why my lil sis was so shocked to see the drinks lol*

Sweet & sour crab

Butter prawn

'Ikan kerapu' also in sweet & sour sauce

Fried rice

Fried squids

Enjoying our food!!

Before going home ^_^

I wore Sugarscarf's version of turban (inner balqis in hot pink)
Stellar's red sling bag
Cotton-On red tees
Sis Closette's vintage necklace
Shawl from sister
Bracelet from SINMA


  1. iylia,,semuanya nmpk sedap sgt..byk ek u mkn..he3..
    btw ur turban style tu cantiklah..;)
    i blm cuba lg wear turban..;)

  2. wah... looks yummy. LOL @ ur sis reaction hahaha