Sunday, June 19, 2011

POTC Date Nite in Military Colorette

Hello and Salam all!!

It's the busiest week for me at work and it is started to get even busier than ever for more weeks to come as i have new tasks to complete til the end of year, hope for the success insya-Allah..

And i made my time for a movie and dinner to ease off from work and i think Pirates of the Caribbean movies really made me laugh my heart out lol!! 

As for the looks, I should be donning this outfit for Hijabi Fashion Week instead, rite? I missed those week, though, but hey, it was great-fully done and i think everyone is super enjoyed over the weekends.

What i was wearing:

Maxi dress in army green | The October
Polka-dot jacket | MANGO
Bracelet | Subang Parade
Shoes | Vincci
Bag | Stellar

image source: army fashion 2011

 image source: ministry of fashion