Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music Theme Wedding

Hello there & Assalamualaikum,

Just a quick update

Went to high-school friend's wedding early June and we were all amazed with how creative and unique a wedding decorations could be. Both bride & groom chose 'Music' as their wedding theme and voila, turned out magnificent. Very rare ideas, the wedding looks pretty and wonderful.

Izzah & Qushairy wedding!!

with Ros & Shaira, best buddies since school years

with my colleague, Athirah, coincidentally she is also a friend of Izzah & Qushairy ^_^

Class of 2003

Finally getting married and i hope Izzah & Qushairy lives with a happy ending


Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New Froyo In Town: Snogurt

Hello and Assalamualaikum,

It's already midnite so i'll just gonna update about some of the things that was going on for the past weeks.

Me and my mum went to Snogurt's grand launching in Putrajaya last two weeks. The location is just in front of MyDin in Precint 15 Diplomatic Putrajaya. My mum was actually been invited by her friend, Aunty Jae & Uncle Azli, the owner of Putrajaya's Snogurt branch. 

As i mention in the title of this entry, Snogurt is a brand new healthy froyo with it's own taste and flavors. More cheaper and lighter than any other froyo brands, it comes with lots of fruity low-fat yogurts and you can choose a lot of toppings of your own desires, from chocolate sprinkles, cereals, nuts, almonds, and even fresh fruits to top it off. 

Me, personally, always love chocolate and vanilla for my yogurt, and i never missed sea coconuts, M&M, marshmallows & chocolate sauce. 

And also as you know, Raja Farah is one of Snogurt's owner which is located in MetroPoint Kajang. She was at the grand launching and there was a meet up session with the celebrity. What attracted me so much is that, the whole thing was so cute with the pink backgrounds and all. We even got 30% discount during the launch. We had a really great time there and i'm sure it will be the next best hang-out place in the neighborhood =)

with Raja Farah

far left is Aunty Jae, owner of Putrajaya's Snogurt
(yes, i screenshot this photo from Instagram and so lazy to crop pfftt)

Go check out Snogurt's outlet nearest you now and you can also check out their website or 
follow their updates in Facebook & Twitter: