Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Music Theme Wedding

Hello there & Assalamualaikum,

Just a quick update

Went to high-school friend's wedding early June and we were all amazed with how creative and unique a wedding decorations could be. Both bride & groom chose 'Music' as their wedding theme and voila, turned out magnificent. Very rare ideas, the wedding looks pretty and wonderful.

Izzah & Qushairy wedding!!

with Ros & Shaira, best buddies since school years

with my colleague, Athirah, coincidentally she is also a friend of Izzah & Qushairy ^_^

Class of 2003

Finally getting married and i hope Izzah & Qushairy lives with a happy ending



  1. Unik pelamin dia tapi cantik dan kreatif..:)

  2. tahniah kepada pasangan pengantin itu.. ^_^

  3. WOW so gorgeous!!sangat2 creative la...iylia xupdate entry baru ker??huhu
    and congrats 4 ur blog bcoz tercalon dalam favourite lifestyle blog in social media awards 2013!!hope u win!!

    visit my blog too http://akmakhaieri.blogspot.com/ blog kite nie xdla hebat sangat but thanks sudi menjengah n follow..>o< hehe

    1. Hye akma!! thank you so much for the info and sorry for the late reply..kalau tak, mmg tak tau pun pasal social media week tu..and yup, been very busy lately..dah lama sgt tak update blog..not sure when to find the time to blog again huhu