Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chic Pop Street Market #9

On last 20th-Aug, me and my friend, Lina, went to Chic Pop Street Market #9 located at Jaya One Market, Petaling Jaya. As usual, Lina would be my 'bazaar' buddies, lol. So we were there quite early just to get the free Topshop shopping bag, but unfortunately, even though we arrived there around 11am, there were already a whole bunch of people and there were no goodies available =(

However, apart from it all, we had fun taking pictures and bought some cheap stuffs that we managed to find at the bazaar. Also, we ought to meet sis Ami & Jezmine as they open up a booth selling pretty and kinky clothes. I bought for myself black schanaz scarf that i was longing to have.

with sis Ami Schaheera of Shop Sputniksweetheart

with Old Blossom Box's owner, Jezmine

Booths at Chic Pop

I was wearing: 
Shawl & tops | Sister, Skirt | October Origin, Shoes | Vincci, Accesories | Diva, Bag | Nine West

Items that i bought at the bazaar. Less than RM100!

Owh, my ordered Maysaa satin wrap snood has arrived. 
Go get them now while it's still available.

Iftar at Italiannies The Curve

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Since I'm not doing anything at home, feels like wanna update my blog. Sorry if I annoyed you with current changing bloggers layout, it's just that I need a blog the way that I wanted, but yeah, i ain't no master in blogging. As of now, this is the layout and if someone willing to taught me how to do more, then i might change it again until i satisfied with the outcome.

Okay, back to my latest entry. On last Friday, me, mum & dad decided to have Italiannies for iftar. Not that we want westerns in any way but that's the only place that we could still make a reservations. Went inside and we were like "Ooohh this is not that bad" we sat down and ordered ala-carte menu (we were offered to have buffet but mum said don't wanna waste it)..yup, RM45 per pax and all i could see was salads, gravy, mini pizzas, soups, fruits and drinks on the buffet table..usually we don't eat too much. I ordered for myself penne bolognaise, RM18 only! Mum had spicy roasted chicken and dad ordered for all of us a large chicken pepperoni pizza. After meal, i had the most sweetest creme brulee ever! Well, overall it was kinda worth it. And i love the place, too.

Actually, after we had finished eating, a supervisor of the place came up to our table and he asked whether the food was okay or not. So we said to him, the food was averagely okay but only the chicken was a bit too salty. And he was like "why not tell us earlier, we could have change a new dish for you but never mind, we give you this card and the next time you dine in here, you'll get free pizza"..FREE pizza??? Didn't i tell ya that the pizza was so nice???? =)

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Wearable!

These are my current favorite outfit. 
Easy to wear, no need to iron, comfort all day

Shawl - Sister
Cardie & bracelet - Subang Parade
Long tank maxi dress - October Origin

Outfit inspired by this looks

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iftar with The Totz at Piccadilly & Fullhouse

Iftar at Piccadilly and then later went to have desserts at Fullhouse. 
We had creme brulee, profiteros & blueberry cheesecake!

*photos also grabbed from friend's*

All that we had!! 

After iftar, decided to have desserts here in Fullhouse. Wanted creme brulee so badly ^_^


and a Boyfriend..err

Crazy close friends since high school
We called ourselves The Totz! It's a unique name for our dearest friendship

Oh my..never stop craving for this!

We looveee Fullhouse's decorations. Major adorable <3

Definitely gonna have a second visit, or the third, or like forevaahh

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iftar at Perantau Hill's Bangi with Uni friends

Salam dearies,

How's your Ramadhan so far? 
I'm sure you guys had fun gathered and iftar with family and friends, rite?
For me this year, until now i have not been to any bazaar Ramadhan at all!! A successful savings indeed, no? So yeah, just like any other year, we will have iftar sessions with our friends, especially the Uni friends, coz it's just the rite time to celebrate Ramadhan together and had a mini reunion. Me & my coursemates back in UPM had planned to have iftar in Bangi/Serdang area since this is where the nearest to the majority of them and we decided to try on the newly open restaurant, Perantau Hill, located in Bangi Lama (in between Bangi & Putrajaya or along jalan Sg. Merab). It was 9 of us and total damaged for the food was RM190 only!! So it was like RM20 for one person. We had tomyam campur, ikan siakap 3 rasa, telur dadar, kailan ikan masin, sotong goreng tepung and tembikai laici. The food was okay, i would say just average but the sotong goreng tepung was soooo delicious!! You guys should try this place, too =)

Now, the photos..

Ikan siakap 3 rasa

 Sotong goreng tepung

They also have car wash services!

And later after iftar and solat, we headed to Downtown Bangi Bazaar Ramadhan to buy some kuih raya from our dearest friend's booth. I bought kuih kapit pandan and it was sooo nice..It's the family biz and they also sells baju raya for kids & adults. Do drop by, i think it's great for your last minute shopping raya =)

The coursemates: 
from left Amirul, Hawa, me, Kak Aini, Iekha a.k.a Lai (the shop owner), Nani & Ramlee

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Al-Fatihah to Rara Zikry

this image taken from {here}

Below is my previous post about arwah Rara Zikry. Really sad to hear about the news. Everyday I never failed to pray for her health and recovery. But, Allah loves her more than we do and she deserves a place where she is right now. May her soul being blessed and rest in peace. Al-Fatihah

Rara Zikry a.k.a Zarith Nadhira was my junior from high-school. Currently she's admitted in ICU due to mild asthma and previously was in coma. She needs a little contributions for her medical treatments which is quite costly and i hope by sharing this it would give less burden to her family. Plus, we might wanna seek more barakah in this month of Ramadhan. Below here her story from her contribution Facebook page made by her cousin, Mediha Omar.

On 19th of March 2010, Zarith Nadhira went into coma for 2 months due to a mild asthma. Initially she was admitted at Darul Ehsan Medical Center Shah Alam, subsequently referred to Subang Jaya Medical Centre. Was admitted in ICU. Alhamdulillah she woke up from coma but was unable to speak or communicate with her parents, relatives & friends. She needs to be fed through a tube at her lower abdomen. Her hands and legs were stiff until today and she needs further medical treatment from specialists at University Hospital. Hospital cost for the treatment at Subang Jaya Medical Centre came about RM80 000.00 not include the cost at DEMC and later some other cost incurred at Sunway Hospital. This time her follow-up treatment at Hospital University require intrathecal medications for her spastic episodes which would involve:

1) EDM Lumber Drainage Kit, qty 1 costing RM900
2) IT Baclofen test doses 1ml/vial (50mcg/ml), qty 3 costing RM115
3) Intrathecal Drug Delivery Package i.e Synchromed Programmable Pump, two piece catheter kit, tunnel rod qty1 costing RM45 000
4) IT Baclofen 20ml/vial (500mcg/ml) qty 1-2 vials / mth costing RM670

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress.Shop.Love Bazaar at Stellar

Went to Stellar for a third visit now! This time it was an event contributing and help raise funds for a lymphoma cancer patient. Read her story {here}. And also, i wanted to meet my 'sister', Ami Schaheera, who was gradually getting better from Leukimia which she diagnosed of it bout a year ago. Looking healthier as she is, and i was so happy that she has really supportive family and friends to help her going through her chemo and life as a survival cancer patient. Pray for her fast recovery insya-Allah.

Back to the event, the place has never been changed, pretty and decorative as always. And i love the ppl there, especially Bono who always sweet and welcome us with her smile. And yeah, that's why i love going to Stellar =)

Even though the crowd was not so like during bloggers+Maysaa event, but the support i think was really overwhelming. I have to say, i was glad that i could contribute and shared some love by attending this bazaar. If it's not about us, at least we do it for someone who really need it the most.

Now, the pictures! Starts with me and Bono. Great vintage outfit on hers.

Me and Sis Ami
*sorry for the bright picture*

Stellar's decorations

This is my friend, Farhana. Behind her was IAmJetFuel's booth (Yuna's shop)

Hana munching on to Smuggies choc macaron, bought at Stellar

Before heading to Midvalley to celebrate Hana's birthday, 
we stopped by at this 3D view ala Matrix of the new Range Rover, Evoque

Secret recipe cakes has always been our favorite

And, what i was wearing
Scarf & polka-dot tops | Sister
Turban alike inner balqis in hot pink | Sugarscarf
Bag | Calvin Klein (a gift from mum)
Maxi skirt in dusty pink | Pastelina
Shoes | Vincci
Bracelet | Subang Parade

Went to Stellar, too? Do share!! ^_^