Sunday, August 28, 2011

Iftar at Italiannies The Curve

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Since I'm not doing anything at home, feels like wanna update my blog. Sorry if I annoyed you with current changing bloggers layout, it's just that I need a blog the way that I wanted, but yeah, i ain't no master in blogging. As of now, this is the layout and if someone willing to taught me how to do more, then i might change it again until i satisfied with the outcome.

Okay, back to my latest entry. On last Friday, me, mum & dad decided to have Italiannies for iftar. Not that we want westerns in any way but that's the only place that we could still make a reservations. Went inside and we were like "Ooohh this is not that bad" we sat down and ordered ala-carte menu (we were offered to have buffet but mum said don't wanna waste it)..yup, RM45 per pax and all i could see was salads, gravy, mini pizzas, soups, fruits and drinks on the buffet table..usually we don't eat too much. I ordered for myself penne bolognaise, RM18 only! Mum had spicy roasted chicken and dad ordered for all of us a large chicken pepperoni pizza. After meal, i had the most sweetest creme brulee ever! Well, overall it was kinda worth it. And i love the place, too.

Actually, after we had finished eating, a supervisor of the place came up to our table and he asked whether the food was okay or not. So we said to him, the food was averagely okay but only the chicken was a bit too salty. And he was like "why not tell us earlier, we could have change a new dish for you but never mind, we give you this card and the next time you dine in here, you'll get free pizza"..FREE pizza??? Didn't i tell ya that the pizza was so nice???? =)


  1. sedapnya iylia..iftar with family mmg best..:)

  2. nikisa: pizza tu sedap should try!!