Monday, August 1, 2011

Dress.Shop.Love Bazaar at Stellar

Went to Stellar for a third visit now! This time it was an event contributing and help raise funds for a lymphoma cancer patient. Read her story {here}. And also, i wanted to meet my 'sister', Ami Schaheera, who was gradually getting better from Leukimia which she diagnosed of it bout a year ago. Looking healthier as she is, and i was so happy that she has really supportive family and friends to help her going through her chemo and life as a survival cancer patient. Pray for her fast recovery insya-Allah.

Back to the event, the place has never been changed, pretty and decorative as always. And i love the ppl there, especially Bono who always sweet and welcome us with her smile. And yeah, that's why i love going to Stellar =)

Even though the crowd was not so like during bloggers+Maysaa event, but the support i think was really overwhelming. I have to say, i was glad that i could contribute and shared some love by attending this bazaar. If it's not about us, at least we do it for someone who really need it the most.

Now, the pictures! Starts with me and Bono. Great vintage outfit on hers.

Me and Sis Ami
*sorry for the bright picture*

Stellar's decorations

This is my friend, Farhana. Behind her was IAmJetFuel's booth (Yuna's shop)

Hana munching on to Smuggies choc macaron, bought at Stellar

Before heading to Midvalley to celebrate Hana's birthday, 
we stopped by at this 3D view ala Matrix of the new Range Rover, Evoque

Secret recipe cakes has always been our favorite

And, what i was wearing
Scarf & polka-dot tops | Sister
Turban alike inner balqis in hot pink | Sugarscarf
Bag | Calvin Klein (a gift from mum)
Maxi skirt in dusty pink | Pastelina
Shoes | Vincci
Bracelet | Subang Parade

Went to Stellar, too? Do share!! ^_^

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