Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iftar at Perantau Hill's Bangi with Uni friends

Salam dearies,

How's your Ramadhan so far? 
I'm sure you guys had fun gathered and iftar with family and friends, rite?
For me this year, until now i have not been to any bazaar Ramadhan at all!! A successful savings indeed, no? So yeah, just like any other year, we will have iftar sessions with our friends, especially the Uni friends, coz it's just the rite time to celebrate Ramadhan together and had a mini reunion. Me & my coursemates back in UPM had planned to have iftar in Bangi/Serdang area since this is where the nearest to the majority of them and we decided to try on the newly open restaurant, Perantau Hill, located in Bangi Lama (in between Bangi & Putrajaya or along jalan Sg. Merab). It was 9 of us and total damaged for the food was RM190 only!! So it was like RM20 for one person. We had tomyam campur, ikan siakap 3 rasa, telur dadar, kailan ikan masin, sotong goreng tepung and tembikai laici. The food was okay, i would say just average but the sotong goreng tepung was soooo delicious!! You guys should try this place, too =)

Now, the photos..

Ikan siakap 3 rasa

 Sotong goreng tepung

They also have car wash services!

And later after iftar and solat, we headed to Downtown Bangi Bazaar Ramadhan to buy some kuih raya from our dearest friend's booth. I bought kuih kapit pandan and it was sooo nice..It's the family biz and they also sells baju raya for kids & adults. Do drop by, i think it's great for your last minute shopping raya =)

The coursemates: 
from left Amirul, Hawa, me, Kak Aini, Iekha a.k.a Lai (the shop owner), Nani & Ramlee

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