Sunday, April 10, 2011

Body Shop's "Brush with Fashion" show

So yesterday, I was invited by Lina to The Body Shop's Lounge of Brush with Fashion Finals happening at Pavilion, KL. Basically the event was about a collaboration between Body Shop Malaysia and PJ College of Art & Design (PJCAD) who jointly organized a "Brush with Fashion" competition for PJCAD fashion design students to reveal their talents and creativity of designing. Plus, there was also a competition among Body Shop make-up artist to create a fresh look with arts that needs to be paired with the fashion design's outfit. Details of the competition's {here}.

The goodie bags!! We each received a voucher from Body Shop (that was only valid yesterday), a guest card for an evening tea at Dome, an Inti college notebook, and a lip-gloss from Body Shop.

Before the show started, we were offered to do a FREE make-over. Luckily, we arrived there earlier to get the make-up done and of course, a front row seats..heh!

And after the make-over, we went for a photo-shoot to be portrait inside those Body Shop's "Nature's Way To Beautiful" booklets.

Okay, we saw someone just a few rows seating beside us and she was the host of the day. Who else but the drop-dead gorgeous super model Daphne Iking!!! Love everything on her, the style, the face, the legs, the voice, the language, man, did she just perfect! And she did say during the show, "Tgk tu die senyum comel je Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku" and yup, i didn't know she's a Muslim until yesterday lol (my sister told me) and she also speaks Penang yo! "Depa bla bla bla"!

And the fashion show started!

As you could see there's a table and a chair on the runway. We were anxious at the moment, turns out it was for the make-up category competitions among the Body Shop's make-up artist. They had like 20 minutes to complete with the make-up arts. And as on picture below, i spotted a very cute and petite looking Hijabi girl. I voted for her of course, and alhamdulillah, she won a third place (Silver award).

This is a dance performance by Teenage Dreamers group while we were waiting for the models to get dressed and continue to walk on the runway with the new make-up and outfit designed by the students.

So these are the designs that was created by the college students. They had to design an outfit using only recycled items as the theme was actually going green. Beautifully made and extravagantly looking dresses, very detailed finishing touches, plus what a great and eccentric arts they embellished on each designs. Such talents i have to say!!

On the beginning of the show, we were given a voting cards as being placed inside the goodie bags, so we had to vote for the most outrageous looks and the winning title for the best fashion design/make-up categories. We only had to choose 3 winners for each category which is for Silver, Gold & Platinum award. The audience's votes were only eligible for 30% results overall. And, proudly speaking, me & Lina had voted for most of the winners. Yay! Congratulations to all the young college designers!! May you guys pursue more on your studies and achieve more on your future careers.

DOME had closed temporarily as they had to reserve for a private function. And yes, it was for the fashion show guests. So practically,  i was babbling to Lina that i was so hungry and we were just glad that we had free meals after wards. Lunch + evening tea altogether, both of us were so fulled of the unlimited choices of food.

And lastly, as usual, gonna share with you what i was wearing for the fashion show ^_^

Cardigan + top | Sister's
Leopard print maxi skirt | Love It Store, Ikano
Rianna shawl | Sugarscarf
Clutch | Birthday gift from Alin
Tribal feathered heels | Bonia
Mixed colors lady bug brooch | Bangi
Bracelets | gift from Sabah and from mum

Later after we had our evening tea, we went straight over to Body Shop's store and browse around as the voucher given was only valid on yesterday. I bought for myself this pink chic color bronzer at 15% off. It was a Baked make-up of Brush with Fashion's collections. Can't wait to have it applied on my cheek =)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Craved for Cupcakes

Hey guys,

Have you tried Bisou cupcakes before? Or if not from Bisou, from any other bakery shops that sells really good cupcakes? I've tried Bisou's Red Velvet cuppies before and it was really delicious that I'm craving for it everytime i think about cakes. was kinda funny when sometimes you actually craved for cakes but you wanna go for cupcakes instead. It is totally different in shape and sizes but almost the same in tastes. Like, you can barely differentiate between these two wonders baked of deli-sh. Sorry for i don't take any picture from Bisou KLCC, so i google-d it and found this similar looking red velvet cupcakes at Bisou via Walk-The-Sand blog. Cool picture i must say :)

*googled picture*

The reason why i wanna talk all about cupcakes today is because i just watched 'DC Cupcakes' TV show just now on TLC (The Learning Channel) of Astro and i went all mesmerized with the toppings plus the super cool decorations bits. And all of us was like ooh-s and aah-s for all the lovely and super-duper cute cupcakes we've ever seen. Feels like wanna grab it out of the TV screen as it was really tempting lol. 

As usual, with the power of Mr. Google, i found their website called The Georgetown Cupcake. So basically, the shop owners, Sophie + Katherine, they are both sisters and it is kinda like a family business where they started out because of their passion and love in baking. And they were actually inherited their grandma's recipes as they used to baked together when they were just a little girl and did not stop baking since then.

And this is their stores both in Washington DC. What a nice place to bake, huh!

I can tell you just can't resist the yummy-ness of this <3

Psst...mum said, most probably they have rums or liquors in their ingredients. So, for us Muslims, we must take only Halal food, so crave only for the pictures and stories okay! You can always go to our own Malaysian pastries of Bisou at KLCC and also Cupcake Chic at The Curve. Red velvet is still the number one choice. And yup i've also tried red velvet at Cupcake Chic and they were like bigger and tastier than you expected. Try it!! And you're gonna love it!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Featured in Suzai's Blog

First of all, i wanna say thanks a lot to this wonderful Hijabi blogger, Sizzling Suzai, for her kindness to support all of us hijabers by featuring us all up on her blog. It was really nice of her asking for our permissions to take our photos and really appreciate her efforts by editing it herself to be uploaded inside her lovely What-When-Where entry post, which is also featured my own dearest friend, Lina =) My picture is in the 3rd Batch post here

picture credits to Sizzling Suzai

And Suzai's recent post titled Help Me To Vote ... was about her contest entry in iMASTravel. Do support her by voting {here}, just click 'Like' at the bottom of the post via Facebook. Oh, and do leave your votes too for my high school friend, Hanie, on her Egypt Diary post entry, who is also in the running for this competition. As of today, there are so many entries from a lot of ppl sharing their vacation stories and holiday trips that i find it really cool and i must say, i envy them! A lot! But, i've done my voting and i hope they will get as many votes as possible for them to win the MAS free travel getaway. Good luck guys!! 

You can join too if you want as the contest ends this 15th-April. So write away, put tons of pictures, make an interesting video of yourself and send your entry to iMASTravel. I'm thinking of joining too but i'm not good in making videos. Well, all the best :)