Saturday, April 2, 2011

Featured in Suzai's Blog

First of all, i wanna say thanks a lot to this wonderful Hijabi blogger, Sizzling Suzai, for her kindness to support all of us hijabers by featuring us all up on her blog. It was really nice of her asking for our permissions to take our photos and really appreciate her efforts by editing it herself to be uploaded inside her lovely What-When-Where entry post, which is also featured my own dearest friend, Lina =) My picture is in the 3rd Batch post here

picture credits to Sizzling Suzai

And Suzai's recent post titled Help Me To Vote ... was about her contest entry in iMASTravel. Do support her by voting {here}, just click 'Like' at the bottom of the post via Facebook. Oh, and do leave your votes too for my high school friend, Hanie, on her Egypt Diary post entry, who is also in the running for this competition. As of today, there are so many entries from a lot of ppl sharing their vacation stories and holiday trips that i find it really cool and i must say, i envy them! A lot! But, i've done my voting and i hope they will get as many votes as possible for them to win the MAS free travel getaway. Good luck guys!! 

You can join too if you want as the contest ends this 15th-April. So write away, put tons of pictures, make an interesting video of yourself and send your entry to iMASTravel. I'm thinking of joining too but i'm not good in making videos. Well, all the best :)


  1. omg...lylia THANKS A LOT N A LOT!!! 1st of all 4 mentioning my name n my blog here..yup u r welcome 2 copy d pic just credit it back 2 me..but u done so much here!! <3

    huhu especially 4 voting n PROMOTING my contest ;ink huhu yg zseberapa pon!! tq dear love u so much!! serius terharu.... >.<

    oh btw, hanie hidayah itu adlh rakan anda..omai sy suke sgt entry die n ofcoz d greatest vid she had..kem slm kat die..haha ^^

  2. hye suzai..haha..what a great blog u have actually..thanx sbb u tak kisah i took the picture :) and gud luck for the contest..hanie tu kwn time sekolah menengah kat shah alam, classmate time Form 3 n friends ever since..i'm not her closest friend tho, but of course la, takkan nk lupe semua kwn sekolah rite? kim salam? okay i will hahaha