Thursday, March 31, 2011

Floral Fever

This picture was actually taken a long time ago during Salt movie premier. As i was browsed through the Spring/Summer 2011 fashions today, i kinda thought that the outfit was inspired to one and i think i should be choosing more floral and more pop colors into my own wardrobe collections.

Floral dress | The Curve
Bag | Charles & Keith

And these are some runway shots of Spring/Summer 2011 Collections

Oh and fancy clutches, too! This one is from Marc Jacobs

"Make your closet blooms with flower"


  1. asyik dtg skodeng blog ni lg..:)
    pndai btul iylia jea tgk..:)

  2. ala you're so sorang je kot yg skodeng blog ni..takpe2..hehehe..and what should i call you? nikisa? hehe