Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stellar Vintage Bazaar + Maysaa

Hello & Salam all..

Went to a Vintage Bazaar  of Stellar Boutique/Studio that was happening on Saturday, March 12 · 12:30pm - 10:00pm located Stellar Studio, B10-06 SoHo, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang. Arrived there around 5~6 pm due to I have some errands to do in the morning and after that had to crawl over bad traffic on the highway.

I was super excited when Maysaa was there too at Stellar :) So chances to meet Hana Tajima was like so close. Deep inside I was hoping that I will not miss to see her at the bazaar because I don't usually get opportunities like this! You feel me?! =D

As soon as I ascended the escalator on the 1st floor, we bumped into my cousins, Iqa & Thirah, while they were buying macarons at a shop beside Whisk KL. It was Iqa who told me that Hana Tajima still upstairs at Stellar, huhu, thanks Iqa!!

So up we went to the 10th floor Soho of Empire, and then, just on the front door from outside I could see Hana's small and pretty face, she was right beside us when we already inside of Stellar bazaar. She was wandering around, looking at people shopping and taking photos, and I was just an inched away from her, but at that time, I was busied myself calling Sis Ami since my peach Schanaz Scarf was with her that I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 

Before that, Yanny was like 'Hey' me because I practically did not see her behind those grills of the duplex home-office like place of the bazaar. And yay! She handed me the Zara paper bag with my dusty pink Alexis maxi skirt of Pastelina inside which she did a remake for me after the pink color was all sold-out. Thanks again Yanny bunny!! 

 With the famous and beautiful, Yanny. Love her shawl & tops <3

With Sis Ami! She was wearing her own labeled Schanaz Scarves
which I bought one in peach :)

*picture credits to Stellar*

After took some pictures and window-shop upstairs of Stellar, went down to see of course, Hana Tajima herself. Asked Yanny to take my photo with Hana (thanx Yanny for the photo) and I just stood there almost melted if you guys know what I mean, heh! But I did made a little conversations with her like, I said to her I was so interested of having the Maysaa snood, but unfortunately she said the snood currently out of stock and will re-stock again maybe in 2~3 months time. I will make sure that I get updates on the Maysaa items so that I could have the beautiful snood, which I think many girls out there already have one during the Live Fashion Love Music event that was featuring Yuna as the model. I wasn't there though as I wasn't really following Maysaa at that time, but as I remembered, it was happening on weekdays, so if I were to know the event, maybe I couldn't come as well as I had to work.

With Hana Tajima <3 <3

*picture credits to Yanny*

My boyfriend had to wait for me at Starbucks because he doesn't like the atmosphere and not very comfortable with the surroundings of the bazaar. Guys, sometimes they just don't get it, do they?

And since I was there at Stellar, they took a few of our pictures for a contest we didn't even know where people have to vote 'Like' for their fave looks on Stellar's photo album during the bazaar and whoever gets the most 'Likes' will be the winner. Starts voting now because it will end on this Saturday 19th-March 12.00am. Stellar will announce the winner on Monday. So keep voting ppl!! :) Hearts!! <3
Do vote for my looks {here}!!
Pls click 'LIKE' on the picture
*Note: You have to be friends with Stellar first before you can start voting
Thank you lovelies <3

*picture credits to Stellar*

I was wearing:

 Bracelet | Subang Parade
Gray batwing top | LalinCloset 
Silk pashmina shawl | PKNS, Shah Alam
Vintage necklace + gray sling bag | Sis Closette
Maxi skirt | A pre-owned from Ms Emmy Zuraihan

Later on our back home, we stopped by at Whisk KL for some macarons. Luckily a few more left.

Really enjoyed the moment. I hope to see Hana Tajima again and hit more fabulous bazaar after this :)

Fabulosity! Life in the Fab lane - Kimora Lee Simmons


  1. kalau i pg mesti bleh jmpa u all semua kan..huhu..sedih sbb xsempat nk pg..

  2. Hye dear..boleh boleh!! nanti hopefully next event k..we shall all meet then :)