Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun Saturday - OBB & Stellar

Hello and Salam!!

How's your weekend? Did you go to Old Blossom Box pre-love party or Bijou Bazaar? Did you guys had fun? Well I did, but I only went to OBB though, I wanted to go to Bijou but I guess I wanna save a lot more..hehe

But first, i wanna share with you about what i was wearing to the party :)

*all curved picture courtesy of Lina's Lumix GF2*

 Scarf (was on 70% sale) | MNG
White bohemian top | Lalin Closet
Alexis maxi skirt in dusty pink | Pastelina
Watch (been wearing the same watch everyday) | Polo
Bracelet in blue (a gift from my boyfriend) | Axxess
Love bracelet in pink | Diva Accessories
Golden brown peep-toe heels | Vincci

Went there with Lina, my ex-schoolmate/collegemate, as my other girlfriends couldn't join us for the day

I always love the deco in Old Blossom Box store =)

There were so many gurls in the shop, this party really had a blast!! And we really enjoyed ourselves. Jezmine was super-duper busy i couldn't take pictures with her *sad*, but i managed to grab as usual Eyqa, Sis Ami & Yanny for a photo with them :)

picture from Eyqa of Sugarscarf

 *oh and my black colored bag was also from MNG, 
accessorized it with pink-patterned chiffon scarf from sister*

picture from Sis Ami

with Yanny

Oh and not to forget Aisyah of Thatlastslice. Love her hair =)

I bought her delicious salted caramel & mocha macarons plus a banoffee pie

So after we did some shopping and stuffs, we headed out to Empire Subang to have lunch and to go to Stellar to redeem my winning vouchers ^_^

First stop, Serai Empire for lunch. I was having Serai Spicy Thai Rice and Sirap Selasih, while Lina ordered Serai's Char Kuey Tiaw and a Cappuccino for herself. Eventhough it was her birthday, but ended up she paid for everything haha. Sweetest Lina, but I did gave her one of my OBB's voucher from Milk A Deal for her present *_*

And later I called Nawwar of Stellar coz I was ready to go upstairs and meet her. So up we went to the 10th floor of Soho. As we reached there, she greeted us cheerfully and as we entered, the room was like so empty, not like during the previous bazaar, however, upstairs was still the same.

Me with the Stellar's owner. Really love her vintage styles

Upstairs of Stellar. I got myself a beautiful vintage red bag and a t-shirt for my boyfriend

Happy with the goodies that i got from Stellar. Thanx a bunch <3
*changed my bag as my make-up case could fit in this bag, coz we went to surau before that*

Before going home, we stopped by at Whisk KL, to get a red velvet cake for Lina as her birthday cake



Just wanted to share lol

I changed my profile picture to this recent photos and couldn't believe my friends loved it. Thank you!!

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  1. asyik pg juga tp xtahula terserempak dgn lia ke x..hehe..mybe sbb ramai sgt and xhbs2 shopping kan:)

  2. lorrr pun tak perasan jugak..