Friday, March 25, 2011

I ain't no Red Riding Hood

Salam & Hello all!!

Happy Friday!

Kinda excited when the company announced today is our OFF day til the next Thursday..woohoo..okay that's it..Not that I'm planning on a vacation though, but, something will be thought off soon..urmm..just don't have the idea yet =)

So last weekend on Sunday, i helped out my boyfriend on his assignments..he had to do a summary based on an article of Reader's Digest..we didn't do it in a library, since I'm sorta 'allergic' to go there and sit around books..durhh..instead we did it at Midvalley *rolled-eyes*...then after wards, we just window-shopped a bit and hang around at his most favorite 'lepak' place, Starbucks.

And since i never go wild on my outfit, i just picked up something that is, in which rarely saying, suits my age (it is, ea?). Or just what i normally wear everyday, or even sometimes when i go to work.

Decided to wear this kinky white dress that i bought at OldBlossomBox's Relove Prelove event Part III (see my post of the event {here}), and because i was so lazy to change the bag that i use the day before, i matched it up with black-colored pants from SODA. And if you guys noticed, i wore the same vintage necklace during Stellar bazaar, i guess it was my lucky charm since i won the most votes. Ok enough, not gonna brag no more! *grins*. Plus, I didn't wanna get spotted with MJ's black or white, hehe, so i topped it off with striking pieces of red.

What i was wearing:

Pants | SODA
Red scarf | Bangi
Necklace | Sis Closette
White dress | Old Blossom Box Prelove III

Just realized that the colors of my outfit quite similar to Red Riding Hood's. There's black (the shoes..i guess so) + white (the dress) + red (the hoodie). Have you guys seen the movie? Is it good? No, i didn't watched it yet, so yeah, i can't tell you how the story goes =D but i'm sure some of the line goes like this:

"Red Riding Hood: Grandma, why does your teeth so BIG?
Granny wolf: Because so that I can EAT you my dear, hehehehehe"

Great stories via Briana's playroom


picture via deviantart  

At Starbucks
Our munch-munch of the day  

At MPH looking for some reference notes

Ended up dozing around!


Oh by the way, I will be going to Old Blossom Box Prelove Party this weekend =)
See you there and shop loads!!

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