Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sony's Treasure Hunt 2011

Hello dearies,

Just like every other year, the company organized the most fun and entertaining game competition ever, Treasure Hunt. I had participated for a third time now, three years in a row since I joined the company. Last year, my group was 'Black Hamlet' and the four of us, Abg Yus, Abg Fazlee, Arlynz and myself had won second place out of 11 groups and this year, with the group name 'Paranormal Hunters', we targeted for a first place but we didn't. So sad, I know and yes, it was a bit frustrating but perhaps we just get lucky because AGAIN, we were announced as the 1st runner up winner and this year we are at the second place out of 23 groups. Jump with happiness is a must!! Alhamdulillah.

The same teammates, the same car for the hunt travels (my car), and the same number of winning. Only the price is a bit different. Of course we expected something big which is true, we each received a silver medal and Tesco vouchers worth RM1200!! Wasn't that just great?!! Plus we got a T-shirt and the food was just delicious at our last checkpoints, Ancasa Hotel & Resorts, Port Dickson.

Before the flag off at the company's car park

On the road, navigating, finding clues, answering questions, solving problems

The treasure questions

Bumped into another car during the race 

Finally arrived at Port Dickson. 
Took few pictures after managed to answer some of the treasure questions 

If you have sharp eyes, you could see the famous Legend Water Homes Resort at our back

We were the 5th group to arrive at Ancasa Hotels & Resorts, PD
We had a final treasures to solve before we had our lunch

Lunch after all groups safely arrived at the hotel 

from left: Me, Arlynz, Abg Yus, Abg Fazlee

With colleague, Sis Arlynz, she's the owner of The Bag Galore & Lalin Closet

The moment for the announcement was just nerve-wrecking. 
I almost jump as we were announced as the 1st runner up winners
Paranormal Hunters with our silver medals & an envelope with RM1200 worth of Tesco vouchers

With the lucky car in front of Ancasa Hotel
We had a lot of fun, thank you Hunters!! Great teammates ever!!

Lastly, we got tired and decided to stride back home without even stopping by at the beach.
Exhausted but we just can't stop grinning on our faces.


P/s: I just fell in love with this game. Can i play it again?

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