Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let us all pray for Japan

As on the news recently, north-bound area of Japan had been hit by 9.1 scalar Richter of earthquake followed by a tremendous waves of 10 meters high tsunami. I know people around the world shared the same feelings, grieved and shocked about what had happened on this highly technology country. It was a really terrible incident which we never thought that it would be as bad as this and what I had heard over the news, nearly 4500 people had died in the tragedy. And almost 13000 people was reported missing and it has been predicted that the amount will keep increasing as the rescue still going on.

Below are some pictures that I received from my email from work and I think I should share it with you just so if you haven't seen one of these. I believe many pictures have been taken and we could tell from our first point of view that all pictures are the same, but the truth is, every pictures have a different story, at a different place, involving different people, with different way of pain and scenario.

I shall not talk much, let all the pictures do the talking. See for yourself and let us pray for their safety for those who lives nearby and those who survived.

Below here are pictures of one of Sony's factory in Japan

And these are some random photos which really touched my heart the moment I saw this :(

However, me as a Malaysian, was really proud and respect with the Japanese people for the toleration, patience, co-operative, helping others, responsible, hard work, always thinking of others and not selfish to those who needs help the most especially children and women, also, they do not act chaotic, in fact they just being calm and somehow rather we thought as though they already expected the catastrophe will occur, I guess because (as my daddy said), Japanese had been thought since they were a child that they should be prepared and ready for whatever will happens in the future. They learned how to save themselves, be well-behaved and not panic, and I think they have emergency or fire-drill at all times just in case if something like this could have happen. And so they did! Just like how we are trained in our school, in college, in a society, at home, or even at work, that if an emergency cases, we should know what to do in order to survive. 

But, also as a Muslim, i should know that everything happens in this world is God's will. No one and nothing could avoid it, so all we have to do is keep on praying. Pray for our better health, for our safety, for our friends and family, as only and nothing but ONLY GOD can save us all. 

So people, please, with all your heart, 

Here, to show your support and also to lessen the burdens of all the people in Japan, you can make a donation via:

"Even as a small amount as RM1, you can make a BIG difference to this world"
Together, we must unite!!

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