Monday, March 28, 2011

Some announcements!!

Salam all and happy Monday,

Here I have some announcements to make. But pls don't take this seriously as you gurls are all so sweet and good in hearts. And pls don't get me wrong as I have some reasons for all of of this.

Since I started blogging earlier of this year 2011, I get good response from some ppl, close friends and even my own boyfriend. Apart from that all, I made this blog just for fun and it could be some sort of my cyberspace diary as when I took a picture or went to an event, or every time I changed to a new outfit or bought new things/clothing, I share it here in blogging world. Not that I wanna brag or boast or anything, but it's a fun thing to do, as for me who loves to write, (at most gibberish thing heh!) I find it distressful and I believe that there's nothing wrong for other ppl too to have their own blog.

Also, I wasn't here to find some fame or popularity, well yes, everybody would really like to become famous and all, or enough said, wanted to be noticed! It's okay as long as you know the limits, you write only based on your experience, with your originality, do not copyright others etc. Being inspired is the best word I think. And I know I don't have many followers just like any other fashionista bloggers out there, because i also think that it is really depends on ppl on who he/she wants to follow and some just wanted to make friends. All bloggers should appreciate that and to my followers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME!!

Sorry for I strayed far away from the main points lol

About the announcements


About my Facebook thing.

Here I wanted to apologized if I usually do not responded to your friend's request or totally ignored you. It's not that I don't wanna be friends with you, but I just wanted to have some privacy. Because there are some photos or infos that I would rather keep it among my friends and family only. 

And because I am avoiding someone. He/she could find me here, but not my Facebook account. *I shall not talk about who i'm avoiding or why i'm avoiding it here, it's P&C*. I sometimes adding ppl on Facebook but they just ignored me too, but I guess they have the same reasons as this. So what I wanna tell all of you here, if I do not accepts your friend's request, pls don't be mad at me, pls forgive me, you had done nothing wrong, it's just me who wanted to live her life as normal as she can get as anyone else, with less fear. Some ppl just wanna be protected and be safe, pls do respect that.

So everyone, no heart feelings. We can always be friends here. We can share a lot of things too.

I hope that you could understand, really appreciate it!!

Lots of Love,


  1. lol mane ade..kak mami yg serius la tak boleh nak accept..tgk ramai yg mutual friends kak mami and yanny or jezmine or eyqa..bukan tak nak accept, tp ade sebab..huhu..ade setengah lia accept, ade setengah tak..kebanyakan dlm fb mmg kwn2 or family

  2. Hep!! Mane ade la asma nih..just ade some random ppl yg add kat fb..itu aje..huhu