Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Blossom Box Relove Prelove Sale Part III

Yesterday, me and my friends went to visit this store for the first time ever. You guys must've known the famous blogger and fashionista, Jezmine Blossom. Yup, she's the owner of the boutique. Can check out this link for her shop

And they were having the Relove prelove sales basically featuring all this famous bloggers too. Including one of my friend Yanny, but she was out by the time we arrived at the can't take pictures with her :(

But i got the chance to meet my beloved sister+colleague+ex-roomate/housemate and to be proud of, she's famous and popular of the Diva i must say..fashionista Ami or i called her Kak Mami..currently, she's battling for cancer but she is soo strong she fight for it and so far, alhamdulillah, she's healthy and she never complaint about it..i always pray for her good health and better life..because that's the only thing i could do..and i am happy for her..

So talk about this sale, i invited my friends to come along with me..they are a true shopaholic..Bedah & Lee...we were late to be there at OBB but i managed to grab some beautiful preloved & new goodies and the best of all we get to take pictures with the famous check it out!!

Me & Kak Mami 

Lee, me, Jezmine & Kak Mami 

 Bedah, Lee & me

 And later, we went for a late lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop, i had as usual my favourites, TCRS BBQ chicken, ummm...

Then, we headed off to Ikano for some more shopping...nothing is better than this...we went up straight to the Love It store for some dresses and i got one for myself a nice purple-colored maxi dress (thanks to Lee Lee for seeing it first and show 'em to me, love u muax), and i grab one leopard print leggings which i never knew when i'm gonna wear it..durhh

And after wards, we went to Curve to hit the Street Market for another shopping and guess what, i can't believe me & Lee Lee bought this Devil casings silicone for our smart phones, in which, we didn't like it in the first place..But Bedah were so persuasive for us to get the same casings because she said it is sooooo cute and adorable, so we ended up buying in different colors..

Devil casings: from left Lee Lee's, Bedah's & mine

from the back

Terrified?? No?? yeah, kinda cool tho..never thought of that huh!?
So finally, we get hungry and went to Garden for dinner.

Bedah & Lee

Me & Bedah

 They were having garden sandwiches

Fried calamari for me :)

Felt so happy with the shopping and stuff..gonna meet this gals again for our next shopping-day-out..

Oh yeah by the way, Lee is going to join The Chic Pop Street Market happening on 22nd-Jan, organized by Tongue in Chic team..i will be there...see ya!!!


  1. sweetnya lia!! sob sob rasa nak nangis lak.. <333

  2. liyanaiskandar: kak noli time kat upm ekk???? ade fb?? dah add tak?

    kak ami: sweet ke, lol biase2 aje...hihihi