Wednesday, June 1, 2011

HFW: Day 3 - Work Out Wear

 Now, revealing for a Day 3 outfit - 'Work Out Wear'

With a special opportunity given by the HFW team, each participants received a hijabi wears for sports.

The Capsters!!

Thank you once again and as for the appreciation, we styled the capsters in our own way and also we did some magnificent reviews on the product. View here or below picture for my review post :)

This is something i would wear for a jog during the weekends. Usually, i only wore my chiffon shawl or a simple 'tudung' during exercising, but with capsters, i just couldn't believe that it is so easy and fun to wear. Plus, with a breathable material that was made for it makes it just perfect for your sweaty day. Matched it up with your trousers and a soft-cotton shirt to be more comfortable. I wore a sweater as sometimes the shirt fits your whole body and you could feel uneasy to run around the jogging park, heh!! But do make sure that the sweater is not made of a thick-cottons, it is meant for exercising! Not to warm you up during cold!

I was wearing:

Printed sweater | ROMP
Runner cap of hijabs | Capsters
Soft-cotton shirt in mustard color (wore inside) | Bangi
Wedge-sneakers | Everlast, a gift from dad
Black with yellow strips trousers | from sister

Everlast sneakers

As for the shoes, i wore a wedgy-like sneakers which my dad bought for me on last year during our family trip to JB-Singapore. I only wore it to have a slow jog or simply do a morning walk. I ain't a sports girl, but i love watching sports, lol! And below picture (which i took from mr. google) just something similar to what i wore and i just wanted to share, i love Gwyneth Paltrow's outfit. Love the purple sweater, looks elegant and fashionable, too!

"Nothing could stop you from covering the 'aurat', anything just possible even for outdoor activities!"
So what would you wear during work-outs? Share with us. Entries at LoveHFW(dot)com


  1. Seriously capsters ruined HFW, everyone is all the same in the sports wear because of that stupid sponsor. I thought HFW was supposed to be about individual style. not sponsored style

  2. salam sis
    love the color combo
    whole outfit is completely beauty sport

  3. Beautiful outfit! :D I love the jacket! :D


  4. love the leopard printed~ love the colour of ur outfit dear..=) stay healthy..=)

  5. Thank you hannah, laila and bluewendy :)...luv you guys!! hugs!!

  6. to anonymous, thank you for viewing my blog and leave your comment..i accept it with open heart :)..well, we didn't request to receive the sample, Capsters have been generous enough and in return, we had to styled it and make reviews of it...that's all..

  7. love the colours to the outfit sister! <3

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