Tuesday, May 31, 2011

HFW: Day 2 - Formal Attire

Salam ladies

Alhamdulillah..got a chance to see everyone's looks for Day 1 outfit post. 
Just amazing!! So here comes the second outfit.

Day 2 - 'Formal Attire'

Formal events could be anything. As for today's entry, i chose to post out what i would wear if i went out for a wedding! We Malaysians have our own traditional outfits that we normally wear for a wedding or a soiree. It is called a 'baju kurung' or a 'kebaya'. But mostly, we bought the fabric from Indonesia as they have such beautifully made designs of their own. Almost many shops here in Malaysia sells their 'kerawang' kebaya, as shown on my pictures below. And also recently as for the latest fashion people chose 'abaya'. But actually, as long as it is suitable with the events and not so 'daring' looking, then it's fine. Because you have to give some respect to the family or friends or relatives that gathers around at the party. And the best part is, you'd feel really comfortable wearing it.

What i was wearing:

Traditional outfit | Indonesian's Kerawang Kebaya in turquoise bought at PKNS, Shah Alam
Gray sling bag | from Sis Closette 
Silk satin scarf in nude beige | Schanaz of Sputnik Sweetheart's Shop
Tribal feathered heels | Bonia (as shown {here} on my previous blog post at a fashion show)
Pearl bracelet | from mum

Okay, this is my first attempt of doing mirror image pictures..lol..because you know, it is not easy to find the right place for it to be turned out well when doing double image. And of course, this is truly inspired by Sis Ami Schaheera as she loved to make her photos in double and it always looked pretty.

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  1. color kebaya ni awesome..serius cantik!

  2. Salam sis
    wow! I love the kebaya you wore
    blue and batik are nice matching
    glamourous kebaya
    and you are so beautiful

  3. Salam, I loved the colours combinations! Great!

  4. thank you girls!!! the kebaya was fun to wear too!!