Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strudels Drop-by

Shopping with mum has never been better, rite? Well, we rarely spend quality times with each other and sometimes we got too tired to just have a chat after work at nite. So on some free weekends, where my mum is also on OFF-day (mum is a trainer and usually works on weekends), we went to Midvalley to have some shopping and lunch. And, to my own surprise, i think i never head on to Metrojaya upper level's recently that i was soo thrilled to find out Strudels has open a new shop inside Metrojaya. Poor me for not noticing it, durrhh!! And we were just loveeee the decos of the shop!!! Almost feels like home!! But since, we already had our lunch and we were kinda full, only mum decided to have a drink while me n sister just had a window-shopping at Metrojaya. hehe there was nothing much we can shop there because we were gonna spend on some fabrics later. Yes, fabrics for hijabs..there I said it!! =) no no no not the one Kak Mami is selling on her Schanaz scarf, just lil something for our ownselves as my mum sometimes get bored and she said she wanted to sew herself, but end up she sent those 'kain' to tailor instead, ngeh! *sorry but i love extra large image*

 Hey, sister wore the red bag of my winning gift from Stellar

 See the pretty decorations!! Just amazing!! I love it! We loved it!

 Dearest mum!! :)

I wore Guess bag, bought long time ago at Isetan, KLCC and Sis Closette's vintage necklace

Remember earlier on my previous post i shared about Estee Lauder's Model Search.
So it was happening back then at Midvalley, but we're not joining..huhu..maybe you guys does!!
Have it a try..you still got time..just go to their website to know the details :)

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