Monday, May 30, 2011

HFW: Day 1 - Work Wear

Finally it's here!!

The Hijabi Fashion Week 2011!!

So for Day 1 outfit post, 'Work Wear'

The Outfit
This is what i would wear for work. Basically, my company do not have a strict code when it comes to dressing up. It depends on what type of work that you are assigned to. As for myself, i work in an office, but also i had to perform some work task in a production line, where you have to work with operators and machines, and sometimes you need to involve with the process, too. However, it really doesn't matter if you wear a pants or a skirt because my work usually on a documentation wise.

The Dress Code
Whenever i need to do a paperwork or presentations, I'd prefer something classy yet fashionable in my own way. And that is why i chose dark-colored maxi skirt, matched with lace dark blue tops with a black long-sleeve underneath, with wide metal-buttoned belt to accessorize the outfit  beside the bracelet and also a plain-colored cotton scarf.

The 'Brief' Case & The Shoes
For my personal belongings, i normally bring everything from my make-up case, to other necessary stuffs that all girls should have in their bag, for example like my cards holder, my wallet and a coin purse, facial-cottons, small water bottle, mobile charger, small paper bags, hair clips, scarf pins, or even an umbrella. All these stuff could be well fitted in my large dark-blue retro Topshop-alike bag. And, as you need to be professional ala Legally Blonde style, you'd pretty much prefer a nice Charles & Keith heels. I'm not into pumps, i am more the 'peep-toe' type. You can also wear a flats but that would be perfect with slack pants. As for skirts, high-heels are the best, don't you think?

What i wore:

Altered charcoal maxi skirt | The October
Dark blue lace tops | From cousin, Lilchurlish
Black long-sleeve inner | Ampang Park
Wide metal-buttoned belt | From sister
Plain-colored cotton scarf | Bangi
Retro Topshop-alike dark-blue bag | The Bag Galore
Straps heels | Charles & Keith
Bracelet | Subang Parade

 "Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is Your Runway" - fashion quotes


  1. Love your outfit! looks cute and comfortable. Brown is one of my favourite colours. :)

  2. babe! the heels! super gorgeous!!!! dah lama ke ko beli??

  3. comey yaya

  4. amazing look mashallah :)..XX

  5. amazing look! I love the skirt and the shoes! :D

  6. thank you girls!!! i adore the shoes, love wearing it..and suzai, the skirt?? you can get them at the.october blogshop..hehehe...and everyone's looked gorgeous too!!!