Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Visit to Mac City + Okonomiyaki

Another hang-outs with mum and sister. This time, we went to Mac City stores to buy some stuff. Not just an ordinary stuff i have to say, heh! But a new notebook for sister for her college. She's currently doing her degree in Multimedia and she needs computers with highly applications and softwares that could help her with all the arts and graphic designing. With all that matter, mum was gracefully enough to support her by trying to fulfill whatever that she needs in order for her to get good grades in her studies. That's why we love mum so much!! xoxo

Before that, we had lunch at Secret Recipe
My sister & me
Below picture with mum

We saw him at the counter and he came to sit beside us. 
Luckily, it was not long. He already took off few minutes. Fewww!! 
Felt really uncomfortable when he was sitting beside me..huhu..nervousness all over!!

What we had for lunch

After some walks, we made mum to try this famous Japanese course, Okonomiyaki. hehe..me and my sister love this, our all-time faves..but poor thing she doesn't like it..maybe there's a lot of eggs and mayonaise spread on top of this dish..well, i gotta tell ya, it was really delicious..especially with baby octopus fillings..yummeh!! and we had 'em with extra pearls honeydew flavored milk-tea..such a great combinations!!

Baby octopus's Okonomiyaki

 Takoyaki..also we love to have it with baby octopus

Honeydew milk-tea with extra pearls

At the center course of One Utama, there was a fashion show going on. It was the 'Fashion On One' show. So not missing my chances to snap some pictures from upstairs :)

As usual, an outfit post of the day

Mustard vintage dress | Online blogshop (can't actually recall where i bought this)
Polka-dot jacket | MNG
Printed chiffon scarf | SACC Mall, Shah Alam
Pearly-like beads bracelet | SINMA, Midvalley
Gray sling-bag | Sis Closette
Black ballerina flats | Vincci


  1. wow..bestnya dpt laptop bru:) he3...

  2. where is the Okonomiyaki restaurant? I really wanna try their takkoyaki!

  3. it is in the building itself..One Utama..in front of Cold Storage