Sunday, May 22, 2011

Johnny's Steamboat and La Senza date with besties

Have you ever tried a steamboat before? I bet you all does, rite? Well, if you noticed, i've been updating my blog with lotsa food stuff, i just went out and eat and eat and eat, but i ain't going bigger, either LOL! But never mind, i'm just enjoying food as much as everyone else enjoying it, haha  =)

So on my date nite with the boyfriend, we went to One Utama, Damansara, basically to buy my mum a gift of Mother's Day specials from Crabtree & Evelyn (which she did mentioned that she wanted it). Lavender is the new & latest product at Crabtree, so you guys should go and buy one, too..if not for your mothers, for yourself also can maaa...

And we went to my all time favorite steamboat place, Johnny's! We were just love the dip 'thai-flavored' sauce and also Tomyam soup..And their prices are quite reasonable, too..So if you go there every weekends, i think it should be no harm for your pockets, *winks*..

The newly renovated Johnny's Steamboat Restaurant.
Located at old wing of One Utama, just near to Jusco supermarket

Ordered Tomyam for the steamboat soup, fishballs, mushrooms, fish glue, shrimp balls and a rice noodles..
and i had Aloe Vera juice for the drink..really tasteful!

Bought Crabtree & Evelyn's latest Lavender collections of cream body lotion & bath for mum.

 This is what i got for mum

What i was wearing that night:
The outfit, something sleek and simple yet ordinary chic like me would wear on a dinner date

found The Garden's place to take some photo shots :) 

Dress & scarf | From sister
Clutch in beige | The Bag Galore
Bracelet | From mum
Black flats | Vincci 


And!!!...Here are some shots of me and my partner's in crime, Faridah..i told you on my previous post that i registered a One Card, rite? So One Utama had generously email all One Card holders for the invites to La Senza Body Kiss new launch party happening at their outlets in One Utama. 

But, unfortunately, we arrived there a bit late to receive the first-come-first-serve 100 goodies from LaSenza, so we didn't get our chance to get the goodie bags, so sad though, but we managed to grab some of the candies and lollipops, and coz we kinda frustrated, we left early so we didn't stay for the fashion show, and no pictures of the event, sorry! Oohh and Jezmine got special invites to the launch itself at Pavilion, KL. Just go to her blog to check-out what she got from La Senza and what she wore to the party {here}.

Did some shopping at Forever 21..

My new eye-wear. Bought at 40% discounts!!

Quenched thirst and evening munch-munch at Coffee Bean

So yeah, two days on one post...

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  1. yeahh sy pun da try johnny`s steamboat...
    sdap dan hrga dy pun ok...