Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Review on Capsters - The Hijab for Sports

Hello and Salam all! Happy Sunday =)

Here, I'm going to do a little review about Capsters, the hijab specially designed for sporty hijabers. This review is for Capsters Runner only! However, they have various products to choose from. They have capsters for watersports: the Swim and Surf type, capsters for sports: Aerobics, Outdoors, Team, and Runner, capsters for casual use: Basic, Easy and Jeans. And also they designed a capsters for luxurious lady out there: Lady Exclusive. Interesting, rite? So many types for your needs.

Firstly, I wanna say thanks a lot to LoveHFW and Capsters for giving me the opportunity to participate and trying out the new product of capsters by sending me the FREE sample. When i received it in my home mailbox, i was so anxious to open in up and i was amazed by just looking at it! Millionth thanks again, Capsters!

So, talked about super excited, i dashes into my room and first time touching it i was like, "gosh, i think this is so perfect if i went out for a jog during the weekends and it would be so comfortable" and yes, it turned out really comfy when i slipped it over my head, and i wondered how can it be made for sports because i thought that it would not absorb the sweats because i didn't really know about the material, it felt so canvas-y type and i already thought of going really hot in it. But, if you go to their website, it is mentioned that the capsters are made of a breathable material, and what's best is that it is also stretchable, plus, it comes with variety of beautifully matched colors. For example like the one i'm requesting, Capsters Runner, it is a combination of dark blue and grey-green colors. Such creative and pretty, too!

As you can see, it is easy to wear and you may not find a hard time like when you're wearing your scarf or pashmina.  You just have to properly slip it over your head , similar to when you're wearing your inner hijab and voila, you're ready for your outdoors activity! Without having to worry about getting so hot and sweaty during exercising or even under a sunny day as the air-flow is just great.

Capsters also have a Facebook page. Click here and be their fan to get daily updates about their products. And together with HFW event, they had a discussions going on at the Facebook photos here. If you have any doubts or any inquiries that you would like to ask them regarding Capsters, you can just post out your comments or thoughts and they will answer your questions straight away. I had also asked them about the desired length of capsters, find out the answer below.

  • Thursday at 7:02pm ·

  • Iylia Syazana
    Received Capsters Runner few days ago and already styled it..i hope in HFW, i will be featured in Day 3 Work Out Wear as i'm going to show people how i fell in love with the packaging, love the material, love the great design..i usually went out for a jog or a walk in the morning during free weekends and that is why i chose Capsters Runner..thank you once again for this great opportunity and for the free sample..loved it!! however, i have one question..i don't know whether i have a long neck or is it the Capster's design is not lengthy enough 'til you can cover up completely your neck..i mean when i wore it, i have to like wear a scarf round my neck because i think i wore a round neck shirt and sometimes it doesn't cover up your chest and shoulders as well..i will do a review on your product the soonest possible insya-Allah..See More

    Thursday at 8:49pm ·

  • Capsters Dear Iylia thank you for your post and feedback! A lot of our Sports line designs have shorter collars than the other hijabs in our Casual line have. This is due to safety reasons (at you can find the background of why I started to design sportshijabs and it's safety issues), but we're thinking about making a longer version with our next production!
    Thursday at 9:36pm · · 1 person

And below pictures are only for your reference of the whole Capsters.

 Covering the neck

From right view, on the left, from the top and from the back

That's all for my review.
 Feels real good wearing it! You guys should try it out, too! 

Don't forget this coming HFW, girls! 
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  2. As salam....

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