Monday, May 2, 2011

Family vacation - Melaka (Day 1)

Hello and Salam everyone!! 

It's been quite some time i didn't blogged since my last post entry about the lazy weekends. Yes, wanted to be lazy all day as work on weekdays kinda stress me out a lil bit, but sometimes, ppl do get super busy on weekends rite? Funny yet true!! Okay, actually i wanted to share with you guys about my family vacation trip to Europe..dang!! Europe lah sangat!! no..We went to Melaka..Euro trip maybe later insya-Allah..So we stayed in Mahkota Century 'two beds + a living hall + a balcony + two bathrooms + a kitchen + a dining table' super cosy 9th-floor apartment. It was just a 2 hours journey from home, so yeah, my lil sister was too energetic to get into the swimming pool. Daddy+mommy got tired and fell asleep the moment we arrived. And we, the siblings, strive on the hallway to the pool area and played along with the camera. 

And later that night, we went out for dinner at the famous Umbai Ikan Bakar. We were unsure about how to get there, so a GPS track could help. But not success enough, the GPS led us to a dead-end road, durrhhh, we then figured out it was wrong, so my dad (by following his so-called super instincts), we found the place, relieved!! As usual, the place was so crowded with people and we finally chose the less-crowd 'warong' just in the middle of the long row 'medan ikan bakar'. I have to say, it wasn't the best 'ikan bakar' that we had so far, so frustrated, even my dad was unhappy with it, but took it as 'rezeki' and we were just thankful that we got our stomach full that nite. On our way back to the Melaka town, we bought some 'buah berangan' for our munch-munch snack. So tasty!

Before we headed back to the hotel, we decided to have a walk at the town. Dad parked the car just beside a jetty of Melaka cruise. Here you can take a ride on a boat and row down along the river. We tried to stop the boat, but every time it was full with people and we didn't get the chance to have a ride as the clock was nearly 11.00pm, where the cruise closed it's service at that time. Mum said never mind, we just stride aside the river towards Jonker Walk, a street market and it was similar to Petaling Street in KL but the selling items are mostly just what we only finds in Melaka itself. Bought few goodies for ourselves and we took a 'beca' to get to the parking lot as we already so tired of walking. 

And there you go my Day 1 trip in Melaka. 
Will upload later about what we did and where we went on Day 2. Til then for now =)

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