Thursday, June 2, 2011

HFW: Day 4 - Date Night

Salam ladies!

It's time for a night out with special someone
Day 4 - 'The Date Night'

First of all, i wanna confess, below picture is actually taken from my previous post 'A Visit to Mac City + Okonomiyaki'. Yes, that was a date with my mum and sister, lol! But, what i wanted to share with you guys is that, this is also something i would wear if i go out on a date with the boyfriend. Or your so-called special friend, or whatever similar to that :), hence, please do not misjudge or confused, okay!

Why this outfit for a date?
Basically, when you went out on a date night, you usually end up having dinner in such a cool and romantic restaurants, and you might be going to somewhere nice with a beautiful scenery view of places to go, or you might be chit-chatting all nite, or even a movie together to spare the time. Therefore, as for me, a jacket or a cardigan is a must to avoid the coldness and the night chills. The dress is just for me to feel more sweet and cheeky when around him. The small bag was not meant to put everything, only important stuff as i don't want to feel tired of carrying heavy loads of big bags. And the flats are for you to hang around or walking all day long with no fuss of your legs getting cramps or hurt if you wore heels. Just wear something casual, fun, pretty, nice and comfortable. 

What i was wearing:

Polka-dot jacket | MNG
 Vintage dress | Online blogshop (can't actually recall where i bought this)
Printed chiffon scarf | SACC Mall, Shah Alam
Pearly-like beads bracelet | SINMA, Midvalley
Gray sling-bag | Sis Closette
Black ballerina flats | Vincci

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  1. Not many people can pull of yellow, but you definitely can!!! Love the look!

  2. thank you ladies!! i'm not usually wearing yellow, so yeah, i think i've tried my best to pull it off :)

  3. Love the look! and yellow looks good on you :D


  4. The yellow and the polka dots look amazing, MashaAllah!

  5. Haute Muslimah: Thank u dear!!

  6. cute bag sis!

    Click here for my date night look>> [] xx