Sunday, June 5, 2011

HFW: Day 7 - Party Hostess

Ladies, HFW 2011 has come to an end!!

This is the finale look of the week
Day 7 - 'Party Hostess'

Last HFW we had Girls' Night Out and this category is similar to that.  
What would you wear when you're the one hosting a party?  
This "party" can be anywhere from an informal get-together with your girlfriends 
to a hosting the birthday party for your child or even a super-fly dinner party
- HFW Founder

What to wear if you were the one hosting a party?
Such a nerve-wrecking, never hosts a party before. haha. But i would definitely love the atmosphere of a glamorous event or a fun birthday-bash. I've attended a costume event before and i just love how everyone pulled off an amazing great looks of their own style. So, as we are the important person of the event, why not we be the highlights of them all, can't we? ^_^

The Outfit:

Dusty pink maxi skirt | Pastelina
Polka-dot net purple tops | Old Blossom Box store
Fuschia buttons Rianna shawl | SugarScarf
Clutch | TheBagGalore
Bracelet | Diva Accesories
Stripes bow head-band | from sister
Tribal feathered heels | Bonia (repeated from previous post on Day 2 HFW outfit)

And it's done!! 

What an inspiring moments that i had for this past 7 great days with all the lovely girls around the world! 
Now i get the chance to gear-up new styles, get to know Dina Toki-o, wonderful gifts from Capsters and last but not least, the amazing founder of Hijabi Fashion Week, Asma & Em. 

Thank you so much for this opportunity and i hope there's more great events in the coming year. xoxo

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  1. i super love the head band..sooo cute. nak satu!

  2. fiexa: hahahaha nak satu? satu tu jelah yg thanx babe!

  3. sluff: thank you dear!! it's from Old Blossom Box Store =)

  4. Beautiful~! Is it an 80s inspired outfit? great combination masha Allah`~!

  5. Love the colours of your outfit! :D and the skirt is awesom! :D

  6. wow!! love ur outfit n the colours~