Friday, June 3, 2011

HFW: Day 5 - Jummah

Day 5 - 'Jummah'
The most special day of the week

What would you wear when going to the mosque or on the Jummah day?

Normally, i would wear a 'baju kurung' when going to the mosque or 'madrasah' to perform the prayer. Or in the morning when i sometimes followed my grandmother to listen to the 'Subuh's kuliyyah'. 
And also, you could wear this if you went to a friend's or relative's solemnization which is usually held inside a mosque, rite? Yeah, more wedding to attend to. Besides wishing for barakah, seeing your friends getting into a married life almost got you into tears..

I was wearing:

Baju kurung | D'Rias, SACC, Shah Alam
Black shawl | from sister
Ariani scarf for inner (in purple) | SACC
Pearl bracelet | from mum
Bag (Chanel inspired) | Wutchicalikes's supplier

pardon for the crumpled outfit. was in the car quite too long heh!

And this picture was taken as to share with you girls that someone had said
i looked like wanted to go to the 'umrah' when i first posted it out on Facebook. LOL! Really! 

How i wish i would go to Mecca someday, insya-Allah. Amin! 

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  1. eh, fiexa yg comot pon ade jugak? btw, u look pretty in the kurungs. :)

  2. hahaha comot ke?? lol....thank you fiexa!!

  3. aishah: thank you aishah!! lagi cantik...hehehehe *winks*