Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grandma's 79th Birthday at Saufiville Resort

On last 13th-Dec, my beloved grandma celebrated her sweet 79th birthday and we had the special dinner at a bungalow with the most scenic view in Janda Baik, the Saufiville's Resort. We were there about 8pm and the food was already well prepared when we arrived. Chicken barbecue, prawn, sausages, honey-buttered lamb, fried rice, salads and fruits, the food was so tempting, plus with the whole family's around and the place, just remarkable.

*pictures courtesy of cousins*

"Semoga nenek dimurahkan rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, diberi kesihatan yang baik, dilindungi, diampuni, diberkati hidup, senang sejahtera dunia akhirat..Amin..insya-Allah"

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