Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Singapore Has Been Great #2

Assalamualaikum..Happy Wednesday all..

Wanna update about my trip to Singapore last October. This time, we went to Bugis Street, Paragon, and last stop we visited our relatives, which is actually my mum's uncle and cousin, who is currently staying in an apartment in Woodlands.

Remember i told you that it was cheaper if we go there by bus from JB? Yes, indeed! I think it was only RM5 per person if we wanna go to Bugis Street from JB Sentral. And the bus ride wasn't so bad. Not many ppl and you can always get a seat.

When we arrived, we had to take a walk and crossed the road to get to Bugis Street. It's like a Malaysian Petaling Street, you know. Full of crowds, many vendors selling clothes, shoes, crafty things and also food. We didn't buy much though as we need to stay 'light' until night time. We don't want to hold on to too many shopping bags, plus the prices there are quite expensive.

After that, we took an SMRT (Singapore's subway) to go to Orchard and headed to Paragon Mall to find some goods and chocolates. We even bought macarons, so sweet, yummeh! And we just hanged around outside near the streets just to see the view of Singapore ppl =)

Finally, at night, we decided to shop a few things and before going back we dropped by our Tok's house in Woodlands, it was so easy to find. Just took an MRT ride, and we already reached their place. When i see him, i can't imagine how i missed my late Tok Wan so much. He is Tok Wan's brother and staying with his daughter in Singapore. Mum said we might visit them again ^_^

Til we meet again dearest Tok =)

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  1. dreaming of to be there but u r really been there..haha hopefully i'll soon n for sure will get ur tips n guides.hehe..neway ur atok rupe chinese tol yerr..mmg de kacukan ka =)

  2. hye suzai!! mase kecik dulu pun pernah pegi Singapore, siap masing2 melaram beli boot Dr. Martin..huhu..actually, diorang mat saleh, not chinese..hehe..