Sunday, December 25, 2011

Weekend's Getaway: PD Ilham Resort

Last weekend, me and the whole family went to Port Dickson for a short getaway. Stayed 1 night at PNB Ilham Resort, near Tanjung Tuan Light House. It's a 4-star resort and i must say, we really enjoyed it. The room was so spacious, we took a 3-bedroom apartment, and the living hall as you can see just feels like home. Oh and the best part is, they had a FREE WI-FI! And the network coverage was just terrific you have nothing to worry about.

At night, we booked our own 'pondok' for barbeque. The hotel just prepared us some foods such as fried rice, drinks and desserts, and we cooked the bbq ourselves. It was fun though to have a family bonding time like this. And the bbq place was just in front of the beach-side. Could hear the sea breeze while cooking and have our bbq dinner. How cool would that be? =)

Need getaway like this more often ^_^


  1. bestnye.. new year nanti e'in pegi PD.. :)

  2. nikisa: yup2 cuti2 malaysia hehehe
    e'in: mesti best pegi time new year =)