Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, New Resolutions, New Me

Hello and Assalamulaikum! Happy New Year everyone!!

How was your holidays so far? And how did you spend your New Year's Eve?

It has been a splendid journey over 2011. And i am so grateful to be able to celebrate the new year 2012 and now is already the second day. Alhamdulillah! So thankful!

So like every other new years, everybody would make a list of New Year's Resolutions. Well, so am i! This year, for some ppl, they might say i dream BIG. Oh yes, not just big but HUGE. Come to think of it, it's okay to have those dreams because it's not that you wanna boast or show to ppl about your success or something, but it is really because of YOU. Only you, yourself! Who doesn't wanna achieve great in life, who doesn't wanna travel around the world with beloved ones, who doesn't wanna make a lot of money. All of us want this, rite?

And i must tell ya, it's not a just a list. It's a new way, a new path for me to go higher and to have more balance in life. My family is always against me, always telling me that i don't have many friends, and they say i'm not good enough in my work, and that the pressure i've gone through was just minor that i'm acting like a baby to just cry and nagged about my difficulties. I guess, it was just me. I'm the one who dragged myself into all this, and i know deep inside i can't blame other ppl, especially my family. It breaks my heart though to think about this everyday. Almost felt like a loser. But one of my high school girlfriends always taught me how to be positive in life. Even if you're in a tough situations, always push the negative vibes away. When you're sad, always put a smile on your face. When you think you're lose, get up and think about how to win. That's how ppl strived, to get better in life.

These are only a few of resolution's list. Might just share it with you guys:
1) Hang out with friends more often, go out, be adventurous and have fun
2) Less shopping, less swipe (means say NO to credit card debts)
3) Be around family, especially when they need us the most
4) More sadaqah (hope to get more barakah, insya-Allah)
5) Positive minds
6) Be more confidence in everything that i do

Let's hope for the better =)

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