Sunday, January 29, 2012

ATV Ride Was Awesome!

Went to ATV ride in Kemensah during CNY with family. We were so thrilled with excitement when my uncle and aunt decided to bring us there for some adventurous time. 

 This was for photo purposes only. It's the owners ride by the way, but i love it. 
The seat is much more spacious

 The place and below are the ATVs

We took the 2~3 hours extreme ride (Package D). Me and girl cousins didn't know it until we were off road and started to go uphills, downhills, with a lot of huge rocks and holes. The trail was very steep and you need to be very careful all the time. For first-timers like us, of course we felt uncomfortable at the moment on the earliest stage of the ride because we never knew what will be our next challenge of the trip. And during our briefing and training before we took off, the trainers always say the words 'ATV akan mudah terbalik jika salah pandu, etc...what??/' They were also the one who guided us along the way and when he noticed the look on our faces, he was like 'ni baru permulaan, baru yg senang, belum sampai yg susah lagi, dan nanti awak akan jumpa jalan yang lebih teruk, lebih tinggi dan curam, jauh dan lama lagi perjalanan kita'...damn! And he said once you've off road in ATV, there's NO TURNING BACK!! -___-

Okay okay i'm cool. Deep down inside, i was really excited coz it was so fun! Not the kind who into adventures but every time i went for a jungle-treks or outdoor activities like this (went to PKN first batch and literally my life there was in the jungle lol), definitely i felt wanna do it again and again..

You can't go to the shopping malls in heels everyday, rite? :P

Took a break before going up to Tabur Hill

See that steep trail, we went up from there and we went down there again during our way back.
And this wasn't the hardest part :p

Parked the ATV and we walked up to Tabur Hill. 
A must during the ride and we rested a few moments before heading to the dam

Hello KL =)

Klang Gate Dam ^_^

Tadaaa we were here at the dam. Took another short break

Went back down

For some strange reasons, i wanna ride this again, but i guess on next trip, i wanna try the waterfall trail :)

For more details about this ride, you can check out their website at

Have fun!!

This short video was taken by my cousin, Afiq.