Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reflection 2012

Hello and Assalamualaikum everyone!!'s already the 21st January of 2012 and it has been great since day 1. Syukur =)

I know it has been slightly late for me to update about this, been busy in a while and i had to wait for my friend to upload the pictures..tee hee hee

Yes, i wanna share pictures from the the last event i attended to, Reflection 2012 fashion show by Ammarahijabi.

It was a charity event that showcased 9 talented young fashion designers in Malaysia with their new modest chic suits for hijabistas out there, and there were lots of media came and they even had a press conference after the show.

As for celebrity, they invited as VIP, the most-talked Hana Tajima, flew all the way from London just for the show, Vivy Yusof of , Farah Deeba from Najjah, Heliza Helmi, and also The Fabulous Cats as the performers of the day. Owh ya, Maria Elena of as the emcee and she did a tremendous job! Very hilarious, very you know what i mean ;)

I went there as usual with my friend, Lina of and also Diana Azmi of up Diana at Sri Pentas and in the car, she was like, 'nak beli tiket fashion show dekat kaunter?' I was like, 'Oh my diana you did not buy the ticket earlier? haha' We need to buy the ticket by email because the seats were reserved for only 150 ppl. So yeah, she had to wait for us outside while waiting for the fashion show to ends around 2 hours.

Okay, enough words, now on to the pictures shall we?

Bag & tops - Zara
Button shawl - Sugarscarf 
Skirt - The Poplook

Our seats was at the upper back left so couldn't take pictures with clearer view, so sad

Maria Elena as the emcee

The Organizers: Amalina, Sarah, Fiena, Tengku Rinanda

Shop Sputnkswthrt on the runway!!

with Hana Tajima

with Lina :)

with pretty Nanie Hussin
*pardon the blurgh pic*

with sister ever since, Ami Schaheera

On the runway by Ami Schaheera. I love the colors

with Pastelina designers, Shea & Yanny <3
view their runway photos {here}

with owner of OldBlossomBox, her designs on the runway..cute!!

Taken from her OBB's FB page 

with Lina's wedding designer, Yasalma

My fav on the runway, a thumbs up from me! Taken from Yasalma FB page

with Eyqa of Sugarscarf
Currently opening up her own boutique in Section 7, Shah Alam, behind Jakel

with Heliza Helmi ^_^

Last but not least, with cheerful Diana Azmi :)

Okay, gotta get ready now..high school girlfriend's wedding in a bit..ciao!!

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  1. wow. you are sooooo lucky to be able to attend reflection. :(