Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm an Instagrammers

In 2011, i always wanted an iphone and finally i got it!! Just a second hand, though, it was my cousin's. Got it half the price and still looking spanking new!

Here are some photos that i took with instagram

Bought new eyeliner and mascara at Sephora

Dinner with mum at Italiannies. We had smoked salmon pizza

Currently my fave! Soft shell crab temaki at Sushi King

My favorite. 
Pisang Keju (banana fried with honey and spread 
with mozarella cheese) at Bondi Restaurant, Nilai

Mum made this multicolored 'kuih lompang' =)

And we made Konyaku jelly for lil cousins

I bought this homemade chocs from colleague

My cat, Belang

Are you an Instagrammers as well? Do feel free to add me @iyliachica


  1. thumbs up for first 4 piccas. lia comey. ;p

  2. fiza: hahaha..thx!! aku camwhore jelah yg tau =)