Sunday, November 20, 2011

Singapore Has Been Great #1

I know this is a super overdue story. Some time in October last year (well, obviously i started writing this blog in January 2011 :P), me and the whole family went to Singapore for a holiday trip. Dad treated us with fun at the most talked Universal Studio! Of course we were thrilled with excitement and joy when we heard about it. But, we didn't go there by flight, my daddy drove us all the way to JB, stayed there, and we took a bus ride to Singapore, more cheaper this way =)

It was a 3 days trip (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), and lemme tell ya, it was tiring like crazyyy!! Imagine we went to Singapore those three days but we stayed the nite at JB. And in Singapore, we didn't just sat around, we walked, shopped, dined, and yes, when we were in Universal Studio the second day, that was really exhausting! It opens in the morning at 9.30am and closes around 10.30pm, ppl usually didn't go back home until late because there was a fireworks show every time they were closing. 

About the meal, do not simply go to McDonalds there as it is 'NON HALAL'. Inside Universal Studio, there's only ONE place that you could dine-in, the Mel's Drive-In (owh i remembered the name at Fatin Liyana's blog entry {BudgetSingaporeTripPart2}). So we just had burgers from lunch til dinner, amekaw balik JB melantak nasi goreng haha. 

Okay, i didn't want to bore you with a very long post, so i shared bout some stories on my next post. Til then, pictures!!

Til next post, Bugis Street, Woodlands, and family relative's visit =)


  1. memang fun tgk u kt sana..nak coklat yg besar tu boleh..hihi

  2. Love blog... singapore disney looks so cool!!!