Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya's Wedding


It's been a long time and i almost forgot about blogging. Kinda busy lately with stuffs and was not too clingy with laptop. So today, i would like to share some photos from recent wedding that i've attended to. Their solemnization was on 4th of May and their reception was on 6th of May at PICC. 

Yes, we were invited to SchaWal's wedding or to be exact Awal Ashaari & Scha Alyahya's wedding. I am basically Awal Ashaari's niece, he is my dad's cousin. We have a really big family and i can assure you Awal doesn't even know my full name haha! Well, never mind though, we are still related somehow and we welcomes Scha Alyahya in the family with open hearts <3

Below photos i took with my own camera phone and apologized with the not-so-good quality pictures, plus the bad lighting inside the reception hall. 

Registration Area

The Pelamin

From our table


Families and cousins

Artist performances during the wedding

Ended the night with this yummy desserts :)

Too bad we didn't got the chance to meet and took pictures with the bride & groom. It was already late at night and my family had to go to work the next day and kids need to go to school, so have to sleep early. Yep, we left the wedding quite early from anybody else. For me, it's okay. As long as the wedding events all went well and i hope both Awal + Scha live their life happily ever after insya-Allah


  1. apa nama adik perempuan awal ashaari ye?cantik dress yang dia pakai malam tu....

  2. haha ble kate wedding awal je rtu trus tringat kat u..hehe btw love both of them sgt sweet ^^