Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unexpected Holidays to Sabah

Assalamualaikum and good morning dearies!

Last week, unexpectedly i had a call from my aunt saying she wants to tag me along for a weekend trip to Sabah. Apparently, she had to see a client there and decided to bring us just to have fun despite accompanying her at the hotel. It was only a 3D2N stay and i must say we enjoyed every moment once we were there.

Arrived in Kota Kinabalu airport evening time, so we rested in our room before we had our massive seafood dinner at night. Had king lobsters, lemon chicken, buttered prawn, fish, vegetables and fried rice. We slept quite early as we were so full and so ready for the next day trip.

Woke up around 9.30am and got ready for our fun day at the beach. Jesselton point was just 5 minutes away from our hotel. We took a boat ride to the island. First stop Manukan Island and then stopped by at Sapi Island for about two hours before heading back to Hyatt Regency, our hotel stay.

Manukan Island!

What i wore to the beach:
Long dress - Lippy Lito
Sunglass - Charles & Keith
Cardigan - Lalin Closet
Bag - Longchamp inpsired

Sapi Island


On the third day, we went to Philippine's Market to buy some prawns to bring back home. And also some souvenirs for friends. We also went to do some shopping at Suria Sabah mall, it's kinda like Pavilion KL but smaller version. Saw this nice printed tribal scarves inside the mall but i don't know why i didn't buy any of it. Costs around RM20~RM30 per scarves. Maybe coz i've been thinking wanna have a second visit. LOL

For those who wanna go for a Sabah trip, go to Kota Kinabalu for a nearest visit to Manukan, Sapi & Mamutik Island. The boat ride for all the islands are not more than RM50 per person. And get your snorkelling attire's ready as you will be hopping from one island to another by boat. As for me, once we arrived there, there were so many ppl on the beach, snorkelling and went to canoe ride, so yeah, i was so lazy to change my dress, whereby i already wore my leggings inside, so i just chilling on the beach. It was okay though, at least i wasn't sunburnt. As i said earlier, i wanna have a second visit, probably on our next trip, i will definitely dive-in, and i'm gonna dropped by Mount Kinabalu (the journey was about 4~6 hours drive, not worth the 3 days trip and also we didn't wanna be late to catch our flight) 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Love - Oscar De La Renta


Read in a magazine the other day and i saw this fantastic yellow dress with black lace on top designed by Oscar De La Renta. And i remembered i had saw this in tumblr few months back and re-blogged it.

So here i just wanna share some of the collections that i really love and adore so much. Definitely a new inspirations for myself :) 

Spring Collections 2012

Spring Bridal Collections 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pink + Black Party

Assalamualaikum dearies!

Last Saturday, we had a surprise advanced birthday party for our dearest friend, Leeyana, at Tasik Shah Alam near SUK. Her birthday is actually on the 12th of March but we decided to make it earlier as she might not have expected the surprise coming. And so we did! She were shocked and so surprised she never even noticed we were all planned it discreetly and it turned out really well. Just glad that we just had a wonderful moments together and we are truly indeed, best friends forever <3

*some photos taken from Faridah's FB album

from left: Shah, Apis, Hana, Me, Lee Lee, Abir, Intan, Faridah

The Preparations ~

The Food

And the great laughs and fun !!

Birthday girl, Lee Lee


a Whatsapp message yesterday
Lee: Hello babes! I'll be flying to China tonight, so I can't be reached via Whatsapp. Anything urgent just sms me k! Muah Muah!
Bedah: Have a safe trip babe!
Intan: Njoy ur trip! thanks in advance for the souvenir
Me: Have a safe trip
Hana: Have a safe trip! Enjoy!
Shah: Have a safe trip! Enjoy

So i guess she'll be having fun and gonna have a safe trip and most probably enjoying herself looking for our souvenirs, eh? :P