Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pink + Black Party

Assalamualaikum dearies!

Last Saturday, we had a surprise advanced birthday party for our dearest friend, Leeyana, at Tasik Shah Alam near SUK. Her birthday is actually on the 12th of March but we decided to make it earlier as she might not have expected the surprise coming. And so we did! She were shocked and so surprised she never even noticed we were all planned it discreetly and it turned out really well. Just glad that we just had a wonderful moments together and we are truly indeed, best friends forever <3

*some photos taken from Faridah's FB album

from left: Shah, Apis, Hana, Me, Lee Lee, Abir, Intan, Faridah

The Preparations ~

The Food

And the great laughs and fun !!

Birthday girl, Lee Lee


a Whatsapp message yesterday
Lee: Hello babes! I'll be flying to China tonight, so I can't be reached via Whatsapp. Anything urgent just sms me k! Muah Muah!
Bedah: Have a safe trip babe!
Intan: Njoy ur trip! thanks in advance for the souvenir
Me: Have a safe trip
Hana: Have a safe trip! Enjoy!
Shah: Have a safe trip! Enjoy

So i guess she'll be having fun and gonna have a safe trip and most probably enjoying herself looking for our souvenirs, eh? :P


  1. wah, bestla birthdy party buat mcm ni..:)

  2. location mana ni? best buat party outdoor macam ni..

    1. eh lupe nak mention dlm entry kat mane haha..excited sgt kot nk update..lol..ni kat tasik shah alam..dekat ngan SUK :)