Sunday, September 11, 2011

@ Adriani Adnan's Wedding

Hello & Salam lovelies!

So yesterday i was invited to Adriani Adnan's wedding located at Dewan Seri Endon, Puspanitapuri, Putrajaya and i went there with a colleague, Fieza (who was Yanny's ex-colleague in a same department). Was really thrilled and excited to see Yanny in her wedding dress and indeed, she looked flawless and beautiful as ever, with Jezmine as her wedding dress designer, as stated in Facebook, it was Jezmine's FIRST EVER WEDDING DRESS!! I'm sure a lot of girls would take inspirations on it =)

Apart from it all, I was so happy that she's married now and i hope she will live happily ever after with beloved hubs, and get beautiful babies, too, insya-Allah. 

I didn't stay at the wedding long enough though as i have to get back to work by 3pm. So not much photos has been taken. However, i did enjoyed the wedding moments and thanks to her again for inviting me. 

Congratulations again to Adriani and Yusfadlie!! Major <3 <3

Woot..whose up there? :P

Cute lil flower girls and Scarflet girls as Yanny's honoured bridesmaids :)

Down the stairs *Pardon my shaky hands durrhh and i wanted to avoid the cameraman* NOT A PRO

I believe this is a Moroccan inspired deco, no?

Kids traditional dancers

with them!

with Kak Rita, Fieza & Qilah..all of us Yanny's ex-colleague from Sony ^_^

and the doorgift..sweet!

Such a great wedding! And glad to be part of it! Thanks Yanny! I'll pray for your happiness!


  1. Tahniah Yanny..Be happy for your..And your wedding beautiful:)

    *Ilyia you bila lg?:)

  2. weee..she's beautiful n they're cutest pengantin kan? thanks for the companion lia. n aku baru igt nak 'curi' some of the photos n uploaded in mine. hehe.

  3. Nikisa: hehehe i lambat lagi..ntah2 you dulu kot..huhu

  4. Fieza: yup yup they are! and sila2..share if dah upload hokeh! :)

  5. Wow.
    Its was a really beautiful wedding.
    I love the wedding dress and the fact that she stuck to religion.
    Super awesome.
    District of Fashion

  6. Hye there..yes indeed..perfect wedding...and the dress was so adorable on her =)

  7. Iylia this award for you..
    Lets check..

  8. sitti azma jamaludinSeptember 29, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Iylia... sy prasan awak nie mirip rupa pelakon baizura kahar (filem sepi) & Najwa tue kan...

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